The Truth of Who You Are

Jan 15, 2012 | Sufism

Do you know the truth about who you REALLY are?

You were created in the Divine Image and when you live from this place of Truth, it is one of beauty and love. In reality, we forget this truth too often. Below you will find one of Sidi’s teachings to help you open your heart to Divine Truth.

Print Sidi’s teaching below and read it daily to yourself over the next month. The more you are able to receive the light of this teaching, the easier it will be for you to let go of false illusions and stand in the beauty of who you really are.

The Truth About Me:

Do not think that you are a small star.

Do not think of yourself as one from the realm of forgetfulness.

You can always be in the station of excellence and beauty.

Do not think that you are lost.

Within you are all the real meanings.

Look at your heart.

You will not find anything but Him.

He is the One Talking.

He is always talking to you through every tongue that is talking to you.

He is the One Speaking everywhere and always.
(from “Secret of the Spirit”)

Read this every day and allow it to sink deeply into your heart so you may start 2012 in a more beautiful way, God willing!