Fresh Start Sufi Meditations

Jan 12, 2012 | Sidi Our Spiritual Guide

Many people use this time of year as an opportunity for a “fresh start” or a new beginning. It’s a time to re-evaluate your relationships, your personal life, the difference you want to make in the world and more.

But did you know your fresh start begins anew each and every day?

This month, we are sharing deep, enriching Sufi teachings so you can meditate, absorb and re-align your life for the New Year.

Sufi Master and Guide, Sidi al-Jamal’s Teaching:
(from “Secret of the Spirit”)

As Sidi al-Jamal, Sufi guide teaches, “God adorned the human being with lofty ethics and made him as a divine mirror, pure and clear.” Sidi says, “The divine image means love, it means subtlety, gentleness, kindness. It means that the person looks and sees only Allah. To be with Allah is to return to the state where you know who you are. Know who you are. Know who you must be. Know who you were originally and preserve the essence.

Look with the eye that is full of love and mercy. When you talk, talk with the tongue that is full of love, politeness, and courteous manners. In that state you will be manifesting the divine qualities that Allah commanded you to manifest.

So, who are you, oh human? Do not think of yourself as someone who is trivial. If you want to transform yourself into an animal in your own way, be as you want. You have free choice, but then know that you will not be happy. You will have a miserable life. You will suffer and be in pain.

We must search for the reality of everything Allah created. We must return to it and to preserve it to be able to achieve and attain happiness.”

Questions To Ask Yourself:

Each of us is created in God’s image and each of us contains God’s spirit. If we really receive the beauty of this truth, just think how it could impact our relationships and our lives.

  • What if you saw your children and family members as people who carry God’s spirit rather than perhaps, the child who doesn’t obey or the person who doesn’t listen to you?
  • What if you began to see the world through the eyes of the divine and instead of seeing what “is not?” What if you saw what is possible and true and give from this place?

Our families, friends, and communities need people who know themselves as reflecting divine qualities, giving from this place and seeing others in the truth of who they REALLY are.

As you make a fresh start for the year, give yourself the time to receive and reflect on the Truth of what is alive within you and ask for guidance and help to live and give more from God’s beauty and love.