One Gift Donation Campaign

Catch the Spark and Rise Up!

When you give to University of Sufism, you are helping us to expand our services and programs as well as helping students who are in need of financial aid to attend our courses. We are dedicated to bringing the message of Unity to the world.

Please consider making a donation (no matter how small) to help us to meet our fundraising goals. We are grateful for all that you give.

Why Would You Want to Give to UOS?


Like you, the University believes in the profound aspirations of our students and their ability to facilitate positive change in our world. In a thank you note to our donors, a student said, “[The University] gave me back my life, reminded me of God’s love, and brought me back the faith I so desperately wanted. You made that possible. You made love enter the heart of a girl who never felt she deserved it. I don’t have words for that. Just know your generosity turned on the light inside a dark heart.”

We don’t have words for that either.

When you give today, you will make another profound transformation possible and send a clear, strong message of hope to our world. Together, we are sharing this message of peace, love, mercy and transformation with the world. Your generosity helps shine light into hearts that don’t feel deserving. This is the impact of your gift to UOS.

Before you decide the amount of your gift, please enjoy these videos from Kamila Shenmen, co-president, and Ibrahim Jaffe, chancellor:

We offer payment plans for all gifts above $50!
Our Sustainer’s Circle allows our friends and family to establish on-going monthly donations in an amount of their choice.
You choose the amount that works for you and your family’s budget—$25, $50, or $100 a month, or more if that works for you!
The Sustainer’s Circle makes supporting UOS easy because your gift continues uninterrupted for as long as you wish.

Other Ways to Give


You can make your zakat donation to the University of Sufism—you can even donate stocks!

If you would prefer to give zakat, to donate stock or securities, or to include UOS as part of your planned gifting strategy, please use the appropriate button below.

We accept secure online donations via credit and debit cards.

Our development team welcomes any questions you might have. Please contact us at

As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, all donations to the University of Sufism are considered tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.