Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner

A Level 2 Program | 18-Month Curriculum

About the Program

Become a Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioner

In this 18 month program, you will study the higher Sufi stations of the Heart and the Soul, and become familiar with the unseen worlds of Malakut (the Angelic world) and Jabarut (the World of Power). We will connect even more deeply with the teachings of the Sufi masters, the Qu’ran, and the lives of the Prophets and Saints. You will increase your skill with the APIIR healing technique and also learn the sacred healing techniques brought to us by our guide Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal as part of our courses on the Medicine of the Prophets.

Level Two allows you to heal more deeply

Your heart tastes the deep love of God and the qualities of true faith (iman) begin to flower. As Allah fills your heart with love, you begin to love for others what you want for yourself. Increasingly as your heart heals, you can bring the real healing of God’s love and compassion to others. Sidi says, “Allah does not discriminate between people. He sends His love to all people and to all of creation.” The Level 2 program guides you to be an instrument of this Love. As you commit more deeply to follow Allah’s way of unity, you are blessed to receive the gifts of divine healing, protection, wisdom and knowledge. Your life is guided by the Source of all things good, beautiful and true.

Discover the Secrets

This course supports you to discover the secrets of who you are and the deep gifts that Allah gave you to carry in this world. Sidi says, “Know yourself and then you know your Lord.” The artificial boundaries between you and the Beloved steadily wash away. “The greatest secret is that the ocean of Love exists and it is pure.”(Sidi) Step after step the limitations of your false self are washed away in the ocean of this love, and you live increasingly in the purity, beauty and majesty of your own being. Now you are ready to live the divine life of service destined for you. “Travel to arrive at the divine presence so that you can benefit yourself and others. Return to this world in complete purity and clarity, and you will then be able to serve humanity and offer them love, peace, and justice. You will have true knowledge. You will carry the same message, the same knowledge that all of the prophets did.” (Sidi) This is the fruit of your migration to your Lord.

Schedule & Logistics

The University of Sufism Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner program will consist of five five-day sessions and five weekend sessions, along with intersession webinars. All sessions are held on zoom and all classes are recorded.

Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner Program Dates

Session 1 – Fall 2023
Wednesday, September 13 – Sunday, September 17 (5-day session)
Saturday, November 18 – Sunday, November 19 (2-day session)

Session 2 – Spring 2024
Wednesday, January 17 – Sunday, January 21 (5-day session)
Saturday, April 20 – Sunday, April 21 (2-day session)

Session 3 – Summer 2024
Saturday, June 1 – Wednesday, June 5 (5-day session)
Saturday, August 10 – Sunday, August 11 (2-day session)

Session 4 – Fall 2024
Saturday, October 5 – Wednesday, October 9 (5-day session)
Saturday, December 7 – Sunday, December 8 (2-day session)

Session 5 – Spring 2025
Saturday, February 1 – Wednesday, February 5 (5-day session)
Saturday, April 12 – Sunday, April 13 (2-day session)


Tuition for this program is $9,400, or 18 payments of $522.
Tuition covers over 225 hours of class instruction.

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Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner Curriculum

1) Theory and Nature of Sufism/ Heart Stations

3 credits

In this course we examine and experience the nature of the heart, the world of malakut, and the stations of the heart as described by Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, in Music of the Soul. We explore the nature of love and its relationship to faith. Reading from the “Secret of the Love of God” will be discussed. Students will learn how to choose love and walk through the door of Love in their daily life. An in-depth study of the life of the Sufi saint Rabi’a al-ʻAdawiyya will be explored.

2) Prophetic Medicine and Cupping 1

1.5 credits

In this course we will begin to work with and to develop an understanding of Unani Tibb medicine; to include temperaments and the use of herbs and foods to maintain a healthy balance in our life. We will begin to develop a herbal pharmacy and examine Sidi’s remedy books. Lectures also include an introduction to cupping, its methodology and benefits. Specific texts include, The Medicine of the Prophet and the Canon of Medicine by Ibn Sina.

3) Spiritual Healing Methods 1

4 credits

In this course we will study the ethics of spiritual healing, listening and interviewing skills, alignment with the Light of God, connecting with the heart of the client, transmission of the Light of God. We will also learn specific healings using Qur’anic verses and Divine Names of God. Specific healings such as the Prophetic Healing, the Holy Healing Method, the Healing of Majesty, and the APIIR method will be studied and practiced. Other healing methods such as Holy Healing, Tawba through the qualities, the 4 basic healing surahs will be introduced along with the Light Prayer.

4) History of the Prophets

3 credits

In this course, the students will understand the message of unity conveyed by the prophets. They will learn how to follow the guidance of the messengers and open their hearts to experience Truth and Beauty within. We will explore a gnostic understanding concerning the history of the prophets and learn through prophetic examples how to surrender to Divinity, cooperate in caring and helping each other, and to develop taqwa (consciousness of God).

5) Sufi Philosophy: Reality of Imagination

4 credits

In this course we will examine the Sufi understanding of creation and the relationship between God and the cosmos… “wuhdat al-wujud (the oneness of being). We will explore the nature of existence and the Divine imagination, the role of the human being and the world of imagination as the locus of Divine revelation. This course also includes the walking in the world of the soul (al jabarut), and types of knowledge black/white mind. The major text for this course is Reality of Imagination by Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.

6) Science of Sufism: The Purification of the Soul

4 credits

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the world of Jabarut, and the Divine Qualities of God. Students will be taught to understand the world of the soul, to recognize the worlds of Malakut, the Barzakh and Jabarut and to differentiate between them. Students will be guided in the witnessing the Divine Qualities of God and how to use them for purification of the soul. Students will be guided in walking through the Sufi Stations of the Soul, and learn how to use the Divine Qualities in healing.

7) Advanced Spiritual Healing Methods

4 credits

This course will focus on learning to heal at the level of the soul, using the Divine Names and Qur’anic recitation healing methods. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of darkness versus light and how to face and dispel dark energy. Healing methods taught include the Organ Healing, the Gland Healing, Healing the Mind with Ayat al-kursi, the Unity Healing, the Shaytanic Harm Healing and the Great Protection healing.

8) Quran Studies 1

1 credit

This course covers some of the common Tafsir (exegesis) of the Quran. We will review the Divine Names in Quranic surahs, the mercy in the Quran, and how the stations are described. Specific surahs discussed include Rahman, Hadid, Fajr and Shams.

9) Mystical Poetry: Al-Wazifa al-Mashishiyya

1 credit

A deep litany for the Opening of the Soul. This course includes an examination and experience of the wazifa, a key practice of the Shadhiliyya tariqa worldwide. Through this study you come to appreciate the beauty and inspiration of this lyrical prayer to Allah, a gift to Hasan ash Shadhiliyya from his teacher, ibn Mashish, who received it in a dream from the Prophet Muhammad(saws). We will listen to wazifa recitation, write the wazifa and journal our experiences. We will review its origins and read it in both English and Arabic. Other mystical poetry of ibn Arabi, Rumi and Hafiz will also be discussed.

10) Advanced Prophetic Medicine and Cupping 2

2.5 credits

This course furthers students understanding of prophetic medicine in relationship to various systems in the body, specifically the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. Practical applications will be demonstrated in class. Students will also have the opportunity to practice the technique of cupping with their fellow students.

11) Capstone Project

2 credits + 4 credits for elective zawiyah

In this course students have the opportunity to integrate theory and practical experiences. They demonstrate the knowledge and skill they have gained by a research project based on their interest or a service project related to a community or societal issue. They will be discussing opportunities, challenges and issues to potential real world problems and designing a service project or paper to be completed before graduation. Student may elect to enter into a spiritual retreat (zawiyah or khalwah) to further open their being to what God is asking of them and to deepen their walking on the sufi path.

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Payment plans and financial assistance available!