Advanced Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner

A Level 3 Program

Welcome to the Program!

A call to all healers…

As spiritual healers we know that distorted images and pictures in the soul can manifest as physical disease in the body. When we clean and clear these images and issues in the soul realm, very often the patients will receive dramatic healing.

Dr. Jaffe is a licensed doctor and has practiced Spiritual Healing for over 30 years. He sees many very sick patients with serious illness or disease, often in advanced stages. Through the years he has learned the most effective ways to help the soul to purify so that the physical body can come back into health and well being.

If you would like to learn more about how to heal in the soul realms, then please join us for this very special course, where Dr. Jaffe will share with us some of the most valuable tools and techniques for healing in this deep way.

Are you ready to take your spiritual healing skills to the next level?

Here are just a few of the topics to be presented in the Spiritual Healing program:

  • How to open and understand the images and voices that come up during a healing session
  • Understanding the healing of the soul, and the return of the spirit back to the Creator, and why this is so important in soul healing
  • How to recognize disease in the energetic field
  • How to identify and understand the direct connection of the disease to the subtle energetic pattern
  • Why the 99 Divine Names are a master key to soul healing, and how to increase the transmission of the Qualities during your healing sessions
  • How to use du’a/prayer to maximize the power of transmission

These teachings are practical, grounded, and applicable in any setting

This course is for those ready to jump into healing at the soul level, and follows the Spiritual Healers Level 1 and Spiritual Practitioners Level 2 programs. The course is taught jointly with the University of Sufism Masters of Divinity degree program and is equivalent to the University’s 4th-year program.

Students who complete the full University of Sufism program will earn a Master’s of Divinity in Spiritual Healing and Counseling, as well as an Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioner Certificate from Dr. Jaffe. Master’s degree candidates will earn an Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioners Certification.

Course Description

Advanced Sufi Healing Practitioners Program

Instructor: Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D.

This course is taught jointly with the University of Sufism Masters of Divinity degree program.

Students who complete the full UOS program will earn a Masters of Divinity in Spiritual Healing and an Advanced Spiritual Healing Practitioner certificate from Dr. Jaffe.

This course will occur as a track of the University of Sufism Masters of Divinity Programs.

If you have already completed three years of training with the University of Sufism, you may be eligible to begin directly with the Advanced Sufi Healing Pracitioners Program.

“I felt that I was able to walk very deeply and find true healing for very deep places in my soul on a personal level. I also feel like my healing has deepened in ways that were unimaginable.After a week in class with Ibrahim, I came back to give a healing to a client and found that everything changed. It almost feels too sacred to talk about the ways my healings have opened. What I will say is that if you are on the fence about the class, go. Through the class, my perception, trust, and transmission of Allah’s light became so much stronger. I am using what I learned in class in my acupuncture practice and it has become one of the greatest joys Allah has given me. I am truly, truly grateful. I recommend this class from the depth of my heart.” – Laila E.

Curriculum topics include

How to deepen your own walking and connection with God (Allah)

Inter-relations of healing with the four levels of the spiritual heart: body, heart, soul, and spirit

Therapeutic heart-centered communication with new and ongoing clients

How to work with and bring healing to both physical illness and mental health issues from the spiritual unseen dimensions

How to assess and track a client on both the outer and inner dimensions

How to facilitate the blossoming of God-given gifts and bring them out into the world in service

A thesis project focused on clients with an illness of choice using the healing methods taught in this program

Schedule & Logistics

The University of Sufism Advanced Sufi Healing Practitioner program will consist of five 7-day sessions plus a 10-day zawiyah. Class sessions are held on Zoom and are recorded.

The zawiyah place and dates are decided among the students in the program.

Program Dates

Session 1 | June 1 – 7, 2023
Session 2 | October 1 – 7, 2023
Session 3 | February 3 – 9, 2024
Session 4 | TBD
Session 5 | TBD
Zawiyah | 10 days, TBD


Tuition for this program is $9,900.


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801 | Development of the Healer as an Instrument in Allah’s Hands

2 credits

This course complements the core curriculum and brings students deeper into being the hands, eyes, ears, and tongue of Allah, first by learning what a Real Healer is, and then through learning and experiencing the deeper aspect of Dr. Jaffe’s healing method, APIIR-TB (Alignment, Problem to Pattern, Images, Issues, Resolution, Teaching, Beautification). The students will use this healing method with themselves and with clients (others) and will learn to heal their own issues that interfere with receiving clear guidance and to give what is needed for effective healing of the other person (clients). They will learn how to contain strong emotions and energies within themselves and others and how to be fully present and aware, both on the outer and inner, in all situations.

802 | Creating and Maintaining Healing Relationships

1 credit

In this course, students learn how to give and transmit as well as to listen to verbal and non-verbal communication and to respond appropriately while holding the person’s heart. There will be an emphasis on clinical interviewing and assessment in both the outer and inner realms, as well as on developing an on-going healing relationship with the client in both realms. Client follow-up care will also be discussed.

803 | Ethical and Professional Issues in Working with Others

1 credit

Students will explore common ethical issues in healing such as the creation of appropriate boundaries, when to touch, refer, and learn to handle their own material as it arises in the healing relationship. They will also learn the most appropriate manners and ways to interact with medical professionals, within medical institutions, and with alternative/complimentary health care professionals and providers so to provide best holistic care. Strategies for Self-Care, including love and mercy, will be delineated.

804 | How to Analyze Subtle Influences that Affect Health and Well-Being

2 credits

Students will develop their abilities to perceive (hear, know, feel, see, smell, taste) subtle influences on the body and mental states, learning how to use their perceptions to direct a person with loving speech into a deeper connection with Allah, a deeper awareness of the inner hidden concerns and wounds, and a deeper understanding and willingness for healing with a return to well-being.

807 | Prophetic Medicine III: Approaches and Methods Within the APIIR-TB Method

4 credits

In this class students will learn to use different APIIR-TB approaches such as starting within the body (PAD: Peripheral Ascent Descent), or the Malakut (MAD: Malakut Ascent Descent), or the Jabarut (Divine Qualities Ascent Descent), or asking Allah for His Divine Order (DAD: Divine order Ascent Descent). Students will also learn to ask Allah for guidance in every moment and to follow the guidance, being prepared to use in addition, the Sufi practices of Tawba and Remembrance, recitation of Divine Qualities, Sidi’s healing methods, surahs, litanies, ruqyah, traditional prayers, and worship used for healing to help dispel influences that cause illness and to bring their clients face to face with Allah.

808 | Prophetic Perspectives on the Creation of Health and Illness

4 credits

This course focuses on the nafs, its role in the creation of illness and distress, and the traditional methods of purifying the nafs. Teachings, explorations and experiences are provided to understand more deeply the roles of the heart, soul, and spirit on preventing illness and returning health through spiritual healing. The deeper knowledge of veils, mirrors, divine law, signs, witnessing, bowing, and surrender are opened for understanding and subsequent utilization in healing. Students will arrange healing sessions with people with a variety of illnesses, researching the Western understanding of the disease, along with complementary and alternative understandings of the disease, and then learning through direct experience how these illnesses are held in the body, heart and soul and the ways spiritual healing can intervene and return health.

809 | Clinical Topics in Healing

2 credits

Students will develop a deeper understanding of common issues that bring clients in for healing. Among a variety of physical illnesses including major organ and systemic disease, cancer, and auto-immune disease, other topics that will be explored include trauma, addiction, shame, unworthiness, depression, and anxiety. The role of forgiveness in the walking and the healing will also be a focus.

810 | Spiritual Topics on Stations and Ma’rifa

2 credits

This course explores the identification and walking of the stations by the students. The gifts and effects of the stations upon the potential strength and power of the healings are studied and opportunities to experience this reality are provided. Ma’rifa teachings include the opening of Ma’rifa, the blocks encountered, the illusions that may be present, the nature of divine meanings and knowledge, identification of decrees and order, and the relation of the levels of Ma’rifa opening with the higher stations.

812 | Zawiyah

8 credits

A personal retreat offers a setting wherein students can open their hearts to transformation so to be more deeply the instrument in Allah’s hands and therefore be more effective healers.

813 | Individual and Group Mentoring

2 credits

Students will receive individual and group guidance on working with others, with a goal toward further transformation in their level of healing: employing their outer and inner skills of holding hearts and containing clients; communicating effectively; reading subtle energies; aligning, connecting and discharging energies; and using healing prayers and divine qualities.

814 | Thesis

15 credits

Each student will focus on one disease that they have worked with intensively in healings with clients during the program, and will write a thesis describing their work and the results of the spiritual healings of that disease with the clients.


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