State Authorization

The University of Sufism is legally named The University of Sufism. We refer to the shortened version of the name or UOS for simplicity.

The University of Sufism (UOS) is a non-profit religious corporation organized under California Corporations Code, Title 1, Division 2, Part 4 – Non-profit Religious Corporations. UOS is a Religious Exempt organization operating under the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (California Education Code 94874 – Categories of Exempt Institutions; Title 5, California Code of Regulations 71395). The University of Sufism is not a private postsecondary educational institution.

Medical Disclaimer

The University of Sufism (UOS) as represented by its directors, officers, teachers, and staff does not make medical diagnoses or provide medical or psychological treatment. The UOS recommends all program participants continue to see, consult with, and follow the advice of their regular medical doctors or health-care professionals. The UOS does not promise, imply or guarantee improvements or changes in medical or psychological conditions resulting from participation in UOS sponsored programs or events. This statement also applies to any teachings or services given by any licensed health professional on our staff. The teachings are considered to be spiritual in nature and are not intended to replace in any way medical or psychiatric/psychological treatment programs our students may already be receiving.

Privacy Policy Summary

The University of Sufism respect your privacy. We will only collect the personal information you voluntarily give us. The information you give us on this website will be used by the University to keep you informed of our events, happenings, and related materials.

We will not furnish or sell your personally identifiable information to unrelated third parties without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with a court or other subpoena. You may obtain a copy of your information in our data base by sending an email request to

Removal From Our Mailing List & Data Base

You may be removed from our database at any time. Our database is voluntary and one of our most productive means of reaching you. If you wish, however, to be removed from our database, simply click the “unsubscribe link” at the bottom of any email sent and you will be removed from all future mailings.

Policy Subject To Change

The University of Sufism is constantly improving and innovating the services and products provided by this website, and this Privacy Policy may also change as a result. Therefore, we reserve the right to alter and amend our Privacy Policy, the Statement, contact information and other matters without advance notice. And, though our policies may change, we firmly commit to not furnishing your personally identifiable information to other sources without your consent (except to comply with the law or a court or other subpoena).

Nondiscrimination Policy

UOS does not discriminate between people of different faith traditions and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination for all people regardless of race, religion, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, rank, power, economic status, mental or physical abilities. This evaluation will be applied in accordance with this nondiscrimination policy.