We are extremely excited to invite you to Movie Nights with Sidi!

Each movie night will feature a teacher from our community showing a video from the Sidi Mohammed Video Archive, then giving a short teaching inspired by our guide.

Movie Nights with Sidi will give us a chance to come together in the presence of our shakyh, to remember and receive nourishment from his knowledge and spiritual beauty, and to reflect on our guide and our faith with beloved teachers old and new.

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Movie Nights with Sidi – Full Schedule

All events 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time

February 23, 2022
“The Human Body and His Connection to the Ruh”
with Laila Brady Walzer

March 23, 2022
“Qur’an Series – Oct 3, 2015 – Surah ash-Shams (Q91)”
with Amany Shalaby

April 27, 2022
with Nura Laird

May 25, 2022
“Ramadan Retreat & Welcome Weekend 2015”
with Nura Laird​

June 22, 2022
“Love & Beauty (Austin 7/25/15)”
with Wadude Laird

August 3, 2022
“Qur’an Series – Sep 4, 2015 – Surah al-A’la (Q87)”
with ‘Alima Moosa

August 24, 2022
with Abd al-Qadir Davies

September 28, 2022
The Secret of God’s Divine Love
with Sharifa Keith

October 26, 2022
with Mohamed Moosa

November 30, 2022
with Na’ima Anderson

December 28, 2022
with Salima Adelstein

January 25, 2023
with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe