Sidi Mohammed Video Archive

Welcome to the Sidi Mohammed Video Archive!

We are very pleased to make available this collection of teachings from the guide of Shadhiliya Sufism, Sidi Mohammed al-Jamal. These 72 videos were recorded between 2013 and 2015 at University of Sufism school sessions and other events, such as retreats for Ramadan and Hajj. Locations include Pope Valley, the Farm of Peace, Austin, Palo Alto, and others.

In these teachings, Sidi offers deep wisdom and beautiful knowledge on many topics, including but not limited to: the creation of Adam, the lives of the prophets, the holiness of women in Islam, and various surahs from the Holy Qur’an.

The videos are organized into eight pages, primarily by date and by event. When you’ve finished with one set of videos, you can return here to navigate to the other video pages. We aim to implement keyword search for the video pages, so expect this useful feature soon!

Once more, we hope you enjoy these videos of our guide. May they help you to grow in knowledge and gratitude, and to come ever closer to the One Who blesses us with His infinite Love.