Sufi Thoughts on Worship

Jan 19, 2012 | Sufism

No matter what task you are currently doing, what thoughts you are thinking, or what is moving in your heart, you are in some form of worship. But is it of God and Divine Love? Are you acting out of fear or have anxiety in your heart or thinking? Are you in remembrance of God, Divine Love and Truth? Today, we invite you to think about the thoughts you “think about” and notice what is moving in your heart. Several times throughout the day, stop and ask yourself, “What have I been thinking and doing over the last few hours? What is my heart witnessing-God’s love or something else?” Keep a journal and write down any patterns you notice. Here is a meditation to support you: Thoughts on Worship from Sufi Guide Sidi al-Jamal: If you know your own reality you will know the reality of God (“Allah”). Allah will make you see yourself as an essence, and that you are not established but by Allah. You are not seeing, acting or hearing but by God. Then your walking becomes worship, your sleep, worship your standing, worship your sitting, worship your eating, worship Allah will never be absent from you, even for just the twinkle of an eye. ~from “Secret of the Spirit” We share these beautiful words from Sidi as a prayerful gift to start the new year. We hope

you will say these words like a prayer over your month, enriching your heart and life, filling your mind, heart and soul with deep Divine Love!