Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education (Muqaddim Ambassadors) Program

A Level 3 Program

Learn to serve more deeply…

We are very excited to invite you once more to the Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education Program (Muqaddim Ambassadors Program)! This program is for advanced students on our Sufi path who have the himma to run a zawiyya, set up a spiritual retreat center, establish and lead a community, or just need more support to share the message of Sufism in a universal way—so that all who seek closeness with God can find their way.

Our vision is to establish a network of zawiyyas and spiritual retreat centers across the globe spreading the message of peace, love, mercy, justice, and freedom.

We see this light and love spreading goodness and joy to everyone without separation. This message is so important right now, and we want you to be able to share it with people from all spiritual paths in order to create a wide open door for those who long for closeness with Allah.

Once you complete this 18-month program, we intend to support and refer students to you, so we will work as one hand and one heart together to keep our guide’s legacy alive and reach 2 million strong, inshallah.

If you feel called to bring the beautiful light of Sufism and the teachings of our guide, Sidi, to the world, this program is for you.

The Divine Name, Al-Muqaddim, the One Who Facilitates, Fosters, and Accelerates, is a quality that enables us to help others to walk more directly toward Allah.

We have all benefited from the help of good teachers along the way. Now you can learn how to help others in their walking. Walking beloveds through their spiritual journey is a holy way to give back to the community and to experience the blessings that come from encouraging and uplifting others as you become the earth for them.

Program Dates

The Muqaddim Ambassadors Program consists of five six-day sessions:

Session 1 – June 22 – 27, 2024

Session 2 – October 26 – 31, 2024

Session 3 – February 22 – 27, 2025

Session 4 – June 12 – 17, 2025

Session 5 – October 1 – 6, 2025

The enrollment period for this class is March 15 – June 1, 2024.

Financial Assistance applications must be submitted no later than June 1, 2024.

Applications will be accepted after June 1, 2024, however, this could result in a delay in your starting the program on time.

Who Is Eligible?

Masters of Divinity – For students who have completed UoS Level 2 or USHS Year 3.

People who have been on the Sufi Path for 5 or more years but have not attended through UoS Level 2 or USHS Year 3 are welcome to inquire about receiving an assessment.


$9,500 if registered on or before May 1, 2024

$9,900 if registered on or after May 2, 2024

Tuition covers 200 class hours of instruction.

If you would like to learn more about whether this is the right program for you, schedule a personal call with our admissions director!

Rahma Tracy Caraway
1-800-238-3060 ext 701

Please note that there is a minimum number of students required to run a class. Below this threshold, the program will be postponed.

What You Will Learn

Teaching Techniques

It is holy work to share the message of Unity and Sufism with others. We want as many people as possible to know Allah in a deeper way, and this means learning to convey the teachings in a way that every heart can fully receive and apply in their lives regardless of their religion or spiritual background. You will learn techniques that will help you to share the message with wisdom and humility, so you can respond fully to the needs of beloveds’ hearts through increased reliance upon Allah. You will discover the art of teaching in ways that will help to deepen your capacity for holding others, as well as how to deepen your transmission of the Divine Names and practices.

Delving Into Sidi’s Books

You will learn the purpose and teaching contained in each of Sidi’s books and how to transmit from them. Sidi gave us everything that we need in these books to carry the message to the world. Discover the best ways to read and write Sidi’s books and how to choose reading and writing assignments for beloveds.

Holding Zawiyyas and Workshops

Zawiyya is a special support for beloveds during their walking. It enables them to step away from the world and to immerse themselves in Allah’s presence. The zawiyya leader is a source of containment and love during this time, facilitating their walking in ways that enable them to go deeper than they have before. Learn how to set up and hold a zawiyya for beloveds in the way that Sidi taught us. We will also cover how to prepare your vessel for service before holding a zawiyya or workshop. This includes expanding your capacity to hold beloveds’ hearts in love and acceptance, as well as how to manage any challenges, triggers, and mirroring that may occur.

Implementing Spiritual Business Practices

You will learn the basics of running a spiritual business, including issues around receiving payment, staffing, and promoting your events. You will also learn how to create programs for beloveds at every stage of the walking. Creating a financially sustainable spiritual center that supports and renews all of its resources is an achievable goal. The faculty wants to share from their experiences of what works and what does not, helping you to make wise choices.

Community Building

A big focus of this training is on how to build and sustain a spiritual community. You will learn to recognize and help to resolve emerging community issues and interpersonal conflicts in a way that builds trust and unity. Establishing a community in a new area will be covered as well as how to rejuvenate and grow an existing community. You will also be given practical tools to gain credibility within the professional community and approach professional organizations to work with as affiliates.

Empowering Beloveds for Service

You will discover how to empower students to find their service platform and identify their personal message. Discover ways to deeply connect with a beloved’s essence, so that you can see the light and possibility that they carry, while conveying their beauty to them in a way that inspires himma for service and connects them to their highest purpose.

Zawiyya Practicum with Mentoring

In the final session, there will be a practicum in which you will be walked through the process of holding a zawiyya for others. You will receive in-depth, personalized mentoring throughout the process from the setup to finish. The goal is to make sure that each student is comfortable and confident in their abilities to hold a zawiyya once their practicum is complete.

Nurture an Amazing Sufi Community

How to Walk Beloveds Through the Stations

You will learn how to identify the stations, along with their attributes and possible pitfalls, in order to support others in their walking. This includes being able to listen deeply to their hearts and souls in order to find the best guidance for them so they can continue moving towards Allah. This knowledge is essential for your own walking as well, and in-depth understanding is the goal. We want all of our students to grow into their highest potential through knowledge, service, and spiritual healing. Not only will you learn how to help others in their walking, but you will receive intensive mentoring for your own spiritual journey as well.

Walking the Stations of the Nafs

You will learn how to help guide beloveds in their walking through the stations of the nafs. You will gain a deeper view of the walking and the potential pitfalls of walking the stations. Learn to recognize the stations in others and to read beloveds’ hearts so you can help them with their walking. We will go over what to do when encountering resistance in beloveds and how to hold your alignment when triggered as a teacher.

Walking the Stations of the Heart

You will learn how to walk beloveds through the stations of the heart. You will practice working with others through their states and stations. You will learn about mirroring, dealing with veils of light in zawiyya, and assessing and guiding a beloved through personal issues.

Walking the Stations of the Soul

You will learn how to walk beloveds through the stations of the soul and to recognize conditions that turn beloveds toward the inner and the outer. We will also teach you how to recognize when a beloved is in the world of imagination. You will be trained on how to recognize and walk beloveds through mujahada and fana.

Walking the Stations of the Secret

As you progress, you will learn how to walk beloveds through the stations of the secret. This involves listening at the level of the soul and deepening perception.

Is This Course Right for Me?

This course would benefit you if you have felt a call from Allah to step into a more active role in your ministry or community and you need more support, skills, or confidence in order to do so.

This program is open to those who have at least finished through Year 3 of USHS or the equivalent of time walking on the path (to be determined by the faculty during the application process).

You do not need to have achieved the rank of Muqaddim to attend this program, nor is this program designed to assign anyone that rank. It is meant to support and prepare beloveds so that they can expand their service to Allah.

Become a Muqaddim Ambassador

Enrollment for the next class opens March 2023


Schedule a personal call with our Admissions Director!

Rahma Tracy Caraway
1-800-238-3060 ext 701

Payment plans and financial assistance available!

Frequently Asked Questions

The vision of the Muqaddim Ambassadors Program is to open the heart of humanity to the Reality of Divine Love, Gnostic understanding, and complete healing.

We envision a global network of spiritual retreat centers, zawiyyas, and healing clinics that will bring the light of Allah to all people.

“One stone cannot build a house. It takes many stones to build a house. You are the ones who will build this house of God. This university will be your house. It will raise the flag of unity, peace, mercy, love, justice, and freedom for all people.”

– Sidi Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal

Who is eligible for the Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education (Muqaddim Ambassadors) Program?

This program is for anyone who has completed Years 1-3 (Levels 1-2) with USHS/UOS. Anyone who has been Sufi walking for at least five or more years in any Sufi tradition may be eligible upon faculty assessment. Please contact Rahma Caraway at with questions or if you have interest in this program.

What will I learn in the Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education (Muqaddim Ambassadors) Program?

The program is specifically for those who want to study the stations in depth and help others walk through the stations. This knowledge can be used to teach groups, guide individuals, present workshops, hold zawiyyas, or establish a spiritual retreat center. There will be a referral program from the University to those who have the training to hold zawiyya.

Do I have to have to be a Muqaddim to join this program?

The Muqaddim Ambassadors Program is an aspirational program. You do not need to be at the teacher rank of Muqaddim to be able to attend. The central feature of this training is that you will be mentored in how to expand in your capacity to support others and share the message with a deeper reliance and trust in Allah. This is not about teaching ranks in the Shadhiliyya tariqa—Sufis from any tariqa are welcome.

Will this program assign me the rank of Muqaddim?

No. This is not a program where the rank of Muqaddim will be given in the Shadhiliyya tariqa or any other tariqa. This is a Master of Divinity program, and if you complete all requirements, you will receive a degree (prerequisites apply). Teacher ranks and promotions in the Shadhiliyya tariqa are given only by the Murshids.

Why have we chosen to name our new program the Sufi Spiritual Guidance & Education (Muqaddim Ambassadors) Program?

We’ve chosen the name Muqaddim from the transmission of the Divine Name, and the term Ambassador to embody the mission of the University of Sufism, as well as the vision of the program.

The Divine Name, Al-Muqaddim—the One Who Facilitates, Fosters, and Accelerates—is a quality that enables us to help others to walk more directly toward Allah. We have all benefited from the help of good teachers along the way. Now you can learn how to help others in their walking. Walking beloveds through their spiritual journey is a holy way to give back to the community and to experience the blessings that come from encouraging and uplifting others as you become the earth for them.

How will I pay for this program?

Please contact our Admissions Director, Rahma Caraway, at to explore the possibility of studying with us.