Our Academic Programs

The University of Sufism is a Graduate Level school offering Master of Divinity degrees in four areas of concentration. Here you will find a list of all the programs that we offer ranging from our foundational to our highest level courses.

Students journey from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level 3 to receive their Master of Divinity degree. Students also earn certifications upon completion of each level. Our programs are designed to give each student a fully experiential and transformative education that instills confidence to bring out their life purpose and unique contribution to the world.

Level 1 – Institute of Spiritual Healing

18 Month Program – School of Healing and Spiritual Transformation

The Institute of Spiritual Healing program has four levels that run for 18 months each and incorporate five sessions (or modules). Each session is 5-days each and there are also 3 monthly intersession classes lasting 2 hours each. The 3 monthly intersession classes are separated approximately 10 days apart and consist of teachings on Spiritual Healing, personal practicum with Q&A, and teachings on Sufism.

The Institute teaches its students how to walk back to the Divine via the path of the heart. Each student will have direct access to a Master Healer teacher for check-ins, feedback, Q & A’s and personal healings, if desired.

    Level 2 – Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner

    18 Month Program

    Continue your spiritual and healing journey with Sufi Spiritual Healing Practitioner of the University of Sufism academic program. In this program, you will study the higher Sufi stations of the Heart and the Soul, and become familiar with the unseen worlds of Malakut (the Angelic world) and Jabarut (the World of Power). We will connect even more deeply with the teachings of the Sufi masters, the Qu’ran, and the lives of the Prophets and Saints. You will increase your skill with the APIIR healing technique and also learn powerful new healing techniques brought to us by our guide Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal as part of our courses on the Medicine of the Prophets. 

    Level 3 – Master of Divinity Programs

    18 Month Programs

    Level Three supports you to discover the “secrets” of who you are and the deep gifts that Allah gave you to carry in this world. Sidi says, “Know yourself and then you know your Lord.” The artificial boundaries between you and the Beloved steadily wash away. “The greatest secret is that the ocean of Love exists and it is pure.”(Sidi) Step after step the limitations of your false self are washed away in the ocean of this love, and you live increasingly in the purity, beauty and majesty of your own being. Now you are ready to live the divine life of service destined for you. “Travel to arrive at the divine presence so that you can benefit yourself and others. Return to this world in complete purity and clarity, and you will then be able to serve humanity and offer them love, peace, and justice. You will have true knowledge. You will carry the same message, the same knowledge that all of the prophets did.” (Sidi) This is the fruit of your migration to your Lord.

    Level 4 – Advanced Sufi Walking

    Our Advanced, Multi-Level Sufi Spiritual Walking Program

    The multi-level, long-term nature of this program provides an opportunity for life-changing healing, transformation in your witnessing, and a very deep awareness and connection to your Fana 21 and the opening of the Ma’rifa and the Divine. The intention is to walk all participants deeply to the station of Fana, where the heart and soul open to Ma’rifah or gnosis from the Divine. There will be an emphasis on purification of veils and healing of the heart and soul as Ibrahim will be holding all participants while helping to heal them and assist them in their processes.