The Role of Divine Guidance in Life

Jun 8, 2011 | Sufism

In life we will have both challenges and periods of ease and comfort.  The ebbs and flows are simply part of the beauty of life.

Sometimes, however, we enter into periods of confusion and struggle.  Those periods can last for many, many years.

Have you ever been faced with an important decision and you were unclear as to what was the right answer?

Should I take that job?
Start that business?
Move into this relationship?
Move OUT of this relationship?
Why am I sick?
What’s my purpose in life?

How DO you know?

If you’ve been seeking the right answers for awhile, you may find yourself at a cross in the road.

Unfortunately the guidance system in most people is not clear and oftentimes what people want masquerades as guidance.

Sometimes, what you want (but not necessarily God’s will for you) appears in your unconscious and it will show up feeling like guidance.

I invite you to read the next two statements and see if you relate (even a little) to either one…

Statement #1 –

Asking others for advise sometimes makes it more confusing.  I try and pray, but I feel like I don’t have clarity.

Statement #2 –

What I’ve been doing isn’t working.  Too many failures, pain, suffering.  I need a better decision-making process/system/advisor.  I want to stop making big mistakes or stop the pain from my mistakes.

If this sounds familiar, take heart.  This IS the human condition.  We are created by the Most High PERFECTLY to be IMPERFECT.  This means we will make mistakes and more than anything, we need divine help and guidance.  Recognizing our needs is the first step toward opening the door for divine help.

Next time you find yourself uncertain, confused, questioning, seeking direction, let these needs be the first step to reaching out and asking for divine help.  When we sincerely ask, the Most Loving rushes to help and guide.

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