Stories of Personal Transformation and Breakthrough

May 24, 2011 | Sufism

Nura Laird

Years ago I wanted to change the world. I worked in the ghetto and  with the poor; I tutored and taught in public schools. I even started two alternative schools. And all of those experiences were wonderful but they didn’t result in the impact on people that I was hoping for. In 1991 I began my training in spiritual healing. Over the years the Sufi teachings and my healing skills have evolved and developed. Now, as a spiritual healer and teacher I am realizing the dream I had which is to impact people in the greatest way possible.

One Woman’s Story of Transformation

I am a workshop facilitator and teacher.  I counsel my clients that in order to make change you have to do something out of the box, do it consistently,  and with support.

I decided to take my own advice and walk my own talk so I enrolled in this transformation program. I wanted to go to the next level in my business and felt like I had reached a plateau and needed something to take me forward.

During the 4th session, I had a profound healing. Childhood memories/beliefs/wounds that were held in the belly-it felt like they were just removed. It was palpable. It’s hard to explain but I felt these wounds leave. My sense is that these were old fears that had been keeping me from stepping fully into the shining light that Allah wanted me to be.

I felt different. I felt bigger, stronger and more certain. As a result, it was reflected back to me in the form of more clients, more workshops, more opportunity and more money.

This process works. We all come into this world as bright, shining stars and from a variety of life experiences, the light gets diminished in one way or another. Through this process we get rewired to our true self in a very gentle way. We don’t have to relive the experiences. Anything that is false has to leave with the help of the Divine light, God-willing.” ~ Female entrepreneur

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