Decades of Divine Guidance

Jun 9, 2011 | Sufism

When I think back over the last few decades of my life, it is interesting to see how my relationship to seeking, hearing and accepting Divine Guidance has changed.

In my twenties, my idea of seeking Divine Guidance was about doing the “right” thing and being a “good” Christian.

In my thirties it was about not making a mistake when marrying.  It seems with my first marriage I assumed I was hearing Divine Guidance because I felt in-love and the person fit my expectations.  I could check off my laundry list of “wants” in him, and so it had to be right!

In my forties, I started to seek more of God’s will in a sincere way.  During this time in my life, I was focused on selecting a career path that would allow me to be God’s instrument for love and healing in a troubled world.

And now, seeking Divine Guidance has shifted to include how I relate to my Lord, surrendering and accepting the love and guidance.

Seeking and learning how to rightly interpret Divine guidance has revealed itself as one of my most treasured tools in deepening and strengthening my trust in God and receiving Divine Support, Love and Wisdom in ways I had never imagined would be possible for me.

K.R., Graduate of Sufi University

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