The Beatles had it right…

Oct 16, 2015 | Sufism


The Beatles Got it Right: All you need is love. Love is all you need.

The poet Rumi says,

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and
find all the barriers that you have built against it.”

I like to add to that, “and then release those barriers to discover that the love is inside of you and has been there all along.” That’s the beautiful gift of this journey – the treasure we seek on this treasure hunt.

Yet, I think we’ve all had those moments of saying, “Yeah, right. So if the Beatles are right, and Rumi is right, and if I am the love, then why do I feel so stressed out?” “Why does life have to be so hard?”

It is by design that we go through a phase of forgetting that love when we come to be human on this earth. This is Allah’s wisdom.

Yet, there is a flame that stays lit deep inside. Sometimes it gets buried so deep that we can’t even catch a glimpse of the flicker. However, at some level we feel it, and we seek to return, to reunite with the love we’ve known all along.

The flame becomes veiled by the perceptions and beliefs we acquire throughout our lives. Yet, underneath every one of our actions is a desire to find this love again, even during the times in our lives when we’ve felt farthest away. Even seemingly wrong turns can prove to be the guideposts that direct us back home to the love.

The veils are the barriers we seek to release – not to relive, but to release. We release them by washing with the love – the practice called Remembrance offers a gentle washing. The barriers guide us to uncover the love that we’ve forgotten as we journey home.

The breath of Allah breathes the life into our physical forms. This breath of Love is the truth of who we are at the core of our existence. The flame in the heart burns brightly so that we can be reunited with the Beloved.

Sidi writes in his book, Music of the Soul:

From the chapter, The Love:
“When you find the love, you find yourself. The secret is in the love. You are the love, not another. Everything is in the love, and everyone needs the love. If you find this, what more do you want? When you know, what could you want? When you have the knowledge of the love, you feel peace in your heart. The jewels are inside you.”


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Blessings and Gratitude,

Mastura Graugnard, on behalf of your friends at UOS