The Grateful Dead had it right too…

Oct 23, 2015 | Sufism

As we’re preparing for a new Year 1 class to begin, I was thinking about the weeks before my first school session. Of course there’s a story! It makes me smile and bow my heart in gratitude every time I think about it.

At the time, I was working for IBM in Austin. My friend Donna Crews-Finney had invited me to a weekend workshop with a healer named Ibrahim Jaffe. It was a powerful experience. However, I remember leaving the workshop thinking I was not interested in attending the school.

Then, about a week later, I sat straight up in bed from a sound sleep and said, “I’m going to that school!” It was like a knowing just dropped in, and I knew I had to go.

I went to work the next day and talked to my manager about getting the time off. She was normally very accommodating when I wanted time off for one of my personal development ventures. However, this time the dates of the first session coincided exactly with the dates of a special project our team had to complete, and I was the only team member with certain critical skills, so she had to say no.

I could tell she felt really bad about denying my request, and I totally understood why the team needed me there. Yet I was certain I was going to be in that class. So I went on my way – I applied for the program, made my airline reservations and got things in order around the house so I’d be prepared.

My flight was scheduled for Sunday. We were due to receive the equipment for the special project the following Monday, and I had 2 weeks to complete my piece – the same amount of time I needed off for the trip.

On the Friday before, I went to work and asked my manager how things were going with the project. “Great!” So I asked her to check to see where the delivery would be coming in so I could meet it first thing Monday morning – IBM Austin was a huge facility. Then I went into the lab and got to work.

Next thing I know, the lab door flies open and in walks my manager. “You won’t believe this. The project has been delayed by 2 weeks! We won’t be getting the shipment until 2 weeks from Monday!”

I tried to look surprised and hold back the smile, but that was not easy. Then she said, “Oh, I feel so bad. You want to go to California, don’t you? I can give you the time off, but now you have to pay full price for your ticket.” OK, so it was really hard to keep a straight face at this point. I just looked at her with big eyes and pursed lips. She said, “You already got your ticket?!? We don’t need you here for the next 2 weeks. Get out of here!”

The rest is history! That was 1998. I started school and I’ve been learning, growing, deepening, transforming ever since. (I managed to complete my work project on time, too.) I am so grateful!

Appropriately, this week’s quote is from the Grateful Dead – “What a long, strange trip it’s been!” And I wouldn’t change it for the world, because – I say this with tears in my eyes – it’s given me a world I never could have dreamed of.

If you are called to embark on your own long strange trip, perhaps one beyond what your mind can imagine, we’d love to have you join us. This program is a guided journey of exploration to find the love inside you, to heal your heart and discover the holy jewels inside you that are waiting to be expressed.

The new Year 1 class is starting November 7. Contact Donna Jamila or Robert Mu’min to find out which of our offerings is the best place for you to plug in. We have many. I sincerely hope we can be a part of your amazing journey!

Blessings and Gratitude,

Mastura Graugnard, on behalf of your friends at UOS