How to Use Your Heart to Access Divine Guidance

Jun 16, 2011 | Sufism

Have you ever been faced with a MAJOR decision in your life and you simply didn’t know which direction to take? Have you ever faced a decision that has been EXTREMELY difficult for you? Like where to live, what job to take, who to marry? Wouldn’t you love to have clear, right answers that can help bring you the greatest clarity from the divine in your choice making? Did you know there IS a way to have clear answers? When you learn to unblock your guidance in the right way, you can have consistently great, balanced guidance. When you open up to this higher frequency of light and all that goes with it, there are powerful changes that lead to a beautiful, holy, and successful life. How do we unblock ourselves to receive this Divine help that is available to all of us? Step 1: Understand what divine guidance is and how to open the doors for It to flow. Step 2: Understand the dynamics of what blocks TRUE guidance. In other words, learn how to recognize what blocks divine guidance in the mind and heart. Step 3: The heart is the loci of true guidance. When you learn how to establish yourself in the heart, true guidance opens. Step 4: Avail yourself to the ancient Sufi wisdom that has been held secret for hundreds of years. These secrets of the heart are open to all sincere seekers and it can be yours. It starts with having a teacher who can show you the way. Learn more in the upcoming free teleclass, Five Veils that Keep You From Knowing Divine Guidance. Learn from Dr. Jaffe in the distance learning course, Walking with the Divine: The Secrets to Living a Full Life through Divine Love and Wisdom