How to Receive Divine Guidance when Attached to a Specific Answer

Jun 22, 2011 | Sufism

Oftentimes we find ourselves caught between a state of hoping or wishing for a situation to go our way and asking God for His will in our life.

For some, it is easier to receive divine guidance when you’re not actively pursuing it. The problem is that when many people need divine guidance there is an attachment to a specific answer desired.

For example, you’re praying for guidance about a job that you really want. The attachment to a specific outcome or answer may block one’s ability to receive clear insight and guidance. Here are some thoughts on what you can do to get yourself out of the way when feeling pressure to find a specific answer.

Become aware that strong attachments block the process every time. This common problem is also not an easy one because our humanity IS attached to what it is that we want. One part of the solution is to commit to washing the attachments. Our attachments are expressions of the human being wanting to be the boss, of wanting to be the lord.

Unfortunately, the job is already taken, by God (or Allah)! The process becomes one of looking deep in our heart to see where we are holding onto lordship and why. Are we afraid of losing control? Of not being cared for? Do we want to be treated in a certain way? Is it that we basically “want what we want?”

Another approach is to commit to deepen your reliance on God (or Allah). Our Sufi Guide Sidi Muhammad has many beautiful teachings on this. The bottom line question might be: why are you in this life?

Is your intention to move forward your attachments OR

Is it your intention to surrender completely to God (or Allah) and experience the blessings of a life lived in intimacy with the divine?

It is a question all of us must ask ourselves again and again, especially when we’re up against our attachments and preferences.

Allah gives us the freedom to live a life guided by ourselves until we decide we only want a life guided by the One Who is the Source of Love, Peace, Mercy, Wisdom and Knowledge.

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