How to Find True Love in 2012

Jan 23, 2012 | Sufism

In a world that is aching, and perhaps even starving for love, Sufis teach deeply profound healing techniques to connect you with Divine Love and help you become a magnet for loving relationships. If you are single and would like to have what we call your “Beloved” – a love relationship with a person you would like to spend the rest of your life with – then please stay tuned for our good news!

According to UOS President and Master Sufi Healer Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD,

“The key to finding a Beloved is to open your heart, which ignites the love inside you. When the love is ignited you begin to see love reflected everywhere around you and as that happens you’ll find your Beloved very easily.”

The trouble is if you have hurt from past relationships, it may be difficult to open your heart. The truth is, we create partners in love relationships from the inside-out.

Dr. Jaffe teaches us common internal reasons people remain single:

1. Pain from a past relationship isn’t dealt with; there is no healing from the hurt.
2. A person doesn’t believe he/she is worthy or ready for love because of past memories or belief systems.

How to Prepare Your Heart for a Beloved

Here are three steps Ibrahim recommends to prepare your heart to receive a Beloved relationship:

1. Clear away past memories and hurts from previous relationships. Sufi spiritual healing and prayer practices can be very effective in creating a clean, open space in the heart.

2. Become willing to say YES to love. You believe you are valuable enough to have love.
3. Become willing to RECEIVE the love.

Ibrahim says,

“When you’re clear, you’re willing to step into love. When you’re willing to receive it and you’re willing to be worthy of it, love will show up for you. God is sending the love each moment to every person. There are infinite possibilities for love. When one steps into the light and the river of love and allow it to enter them, it just opens like a flower. The possibilities that have been sitting around you every moment simply just show up. They were always there, but you didn’t see them. The minute we accept the flame of love, it enters our heart immediately, opens our doors and then love flowers right next to us.”

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