The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships

Jan 26, 2012 | Sufism

There is a deep spiritual purpose of relationships. They help us walk, grow and know God. If you’re not currently in one, know that it is possible to find your true love. Today’s teaching is for all of us –

Relationships show us where we need to grow

Relationships are about merging as one in love, which requires us to purify our hearts. The person you are in relationship with mirrors back to you everything about yourself. When you love someone, the person touches deep within you and can trigger places that need to “come out,” be healed and purified. For example, you may find you have issues of jealousy and possessiveness as it is mirrored back to you from something said or done by the person you are close to. In this way, you see the aspects of yourself that aren’t connected to Divine Love and you have an opportunity to grow by learning to return these parts of yourself to God.

Relationships show us how to imitate God’s Divine Qualities

Relationships also are a vehicle to express real compassion, mercy and love. It is through the caring and support of mercy and compassion that you deepen your love together. When one of you is in pain, you deepen your mercy towards the other. In this way you are learning about the divine qualities and how to hold your Beloved when he or she is angry and give your partner a divine quality.

Relationships help us find ecstasy

In beloved relationships, one of the greatest gifts is to know the oneness with the relationship. This is the epitome of ecstasy. Know the oneness within the secret heart of your beloved. Learn to find, relate and then be with the highest truth, the divinity within your beloved. When your divinity and their divinity is witnessing and merging, it brings a togetherness that is a state of ecstatic union. In time that turns into amazing beauty that is reflected from the inside-out.

When you are in a divine relationship you cannot run or hide from these human emotions. In fact, these feelings can be the catalyst to find love in the MIDST of the strong negative emotions. True love will always take you to the truth.

As Dr. Jaffe teaches,

“Love is the river that takes you to Oneness and opens up the deeper reality of love within you.”

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