How to Choose Love in Every Moment

Dec 14, 2011 | Sufism

Why are the holidays so stressful for so many people? I think it’s partially due to the fact that we’re simply around more people! We have work parties, school functions for our children, we’re out shopping in stores with long lines of people, family dinners and holiday gatherings – it’s so busy for so many people!

Choose LOVE in every moment.

It’s possible – I can promise you that because God makes that promise to us. It does, however, take a while to get there – but you can begin practicing right now. Be patient with yourself because you’re building your spiritual muscles!

Practice Remembrance

To choose love in every moment, you need to know what we are feeling, needing, whether you are upset about what is going on in the moment or if your feelings have to do with old experiences and misconceptions from the past.

Either way, you need to clear the pictures or misconceptions. In the Sufi way, this means we bring the Divine into the memory, picture, or misconception, invoking the Divine Name.

Since you can’t control another person, you need to make space for the other person and the situation. This is what is happening and what Allah is making. Just do your best to bring compassion to the situation. And if this is too hard, we have to go to Allah for compassion for ourselves first. To clear the pictures of the past, do the practice of Remembrance.

Have an honest conversation

The next step would be to have an honest, divinely inspired conversation with the person. In holiday situations, this opportunity may not present itself. But if it does, listening from the heart is what works best.

Know that it is normal to have these challenges in family situations! The key is allowing yourself to return everything to God-to turn back to God in all things. If all else fails, have a backup plan so that you have someone you can phone for a healing session or for help in holding your heart. Know that these challenging family times also give you the opportunity for you to draw nearer to God, receiving divine help.