Isa (Jesus), Messenger of the Deep Secret Love

Dec 21, 2011 | Sufism

Jesus understood the human being through his mother. Through her suffering he understood the suffering of all human beings. He was Light, but his body was from the body of his mother and she fed him the food of this world and the love. Allah give him Wisdom. Jesus, (pbuh) is ruh. He gave completely without self but saw Allah behind every human being. This is the Spirit. He is you!

Jesus gave the people the meaning of the Deep Secret Love. The meaning of the message of Jesus (pbuh) and the meaning of his life – from the moment of his birth – was to put the real life into every person and everything he came into contact with.

His words were all the Wisdom of God and how to live in the love and the unity with God, not just as they imagined, but as it really was. He showed the people how, through the love, a person could know God, and this was the first time this deep inside message of the love had been given. He also gave the people the deep inside meaning of the Law through the Essence of the Love.

See God in Every Person.

He taught the people, from his message, to see God in every face and for that reason, to give the love to all people; to erase everything from one’s soul and one’s deep heart and to be completely with Allah all the time. This is also the meaning of the name Messiah; to clean oneself from everything that is not for Allah.

Jesus brought this message to the people and showed them how to live it. The meaning of his love was a love without separation; to love one’s fellow men like oneself, which means not to make a separation between him and you but to be in the Unity with him and with all creation. He told the people how to look with the Eye of the heart and through this Eye, to see the other as oneself, and to understand and love him.

~Sidi al-Jamal from Stories of the Prophet

What does it mean to you when Sidi says, “He saw Allah behind every human being. This is the Spirit. He is you!” How do you experience seeing with the Eye of your heart?

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