Remembrance-Sufi Heart Centered Prayer Practice

Dec 14, 2011 | Sufism

How do you do the Remembrance? It’s simple. Here are the steps. 1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your feet on the floor. Make sure you are thoroughly grounded, feeling well-supported by your chair. 2. Close your eyes and breathe gently and deeply. Take a few minutes to feel what is happening with your body. Become aware of the tender place two inches below your collarbone and in the center. This is your energetic heart space. Breathe in and out, keeping your awareness of your heart. Sometimes it helps to put your hand over your heart. 3. When you are ready to start, select a name of God which symbolizes the Most High for you. Repeat, aloud or silently, the name of God as if you are saying the name right into that heart space. However you choose to address God is okay. Say the name as if you are saying it right into that heart space. As Sufis, we use the name “Allah”, which means “The One” in Arabic. The vibration of the “ah” sound opens the heart and the vibration of the “lah” sounds goes into the heart. Use the name that resonates deeply within your own heart and spirit. Don’t worry about any stray thoughts you may have. When you have a thought, just let it go, and return to your heart and your breath. Don’t push or try to make anything happen. Let your heart space open gently. You may notice that the space softens, becomes warm, or feels fluffy. 4. Repeat the name of God softly. Continue to say the name of God, and let the name carry you beyond where you are now. Let your thoughts and feelings go, and let your whole being resound with the spirit of the Divine. Let your heart fill and overflow. Start with ten to thirty minutes per day, eventually working your way up to an hour or more. If you do this exercise daily, you will notice a new sense of peacefulness and connectedness with the Divine. You will be in a new reality. Consistently practice, and this new reality will become your constant reality over time. Receive our free eClass that helps you apply Remembrance to everyday life situations. Practice Remembrance with Dr. John Laird on this CD. Purchase your Remembrance Kit.