Ask for What You Need

Apr 27, 2010 | Sufism

Ask Allah for the big things that are most important to you and expect God’s responsiveness.

When you call upon God with a sincere heart, ask God to send the light of healing and know that God will respond. Angelic beings are radiating their support directly and immediately to you, God-willing. As the guide of the Way says, “Allah pays in cash.”

Become aware of God’s responsiveness to you. This is a natural ability for some people while others need to take some time to learn how to recognize the subtleties. As you tune your awareness to how God responds, you may notice a subtle light, an easing or opening of the chest, or a feeling of peace. Every single time you say, “Allah,” there is a response.

Don’t be shy or afraid of asking for what you need because asking for what you need is an act of worship, faith and honoring of Allah. The more you walk, trust, surrender, and apply spiritual practices, the more divine healing flows.

Coming: Intentions and Prayer with Dr. John Wadude Laird