Intentions and Prayer

Apr 29, 2010 | Sufism

Look at the intention of your prayer so that it reflects the deepest calling of your heart.

Is the intention of your prayer to heal a pain, feel better, end a struggle, or receive an answer? If so, these are prayers of the righteous. God is the Most Responsive. Trust that Allah will respond to the deepest prayers of your heart.

If the intention is to clear the pain, struggle, so that you can be brought nearer to God’s love, then God will respond by bringing you closer to this love as the pain, struggle etc is eased by the will of Allah.

According to the teachings of the Gnostics of the Sufi way, the highest intention of prayer is to extinguish one’s own existence into the Reality of the One Beloved, to pray only “for the Face (the Essence) of Allah.” May Allah answer all of your deepest sincere prayers and bring you closer, insha’allah (God- willing).

~Dr. John Wadude Laird, President of UOS