What is True Love?

Feb 2, 2012 | Sufism

Sufism has long been revered as a journey into the union with divine love. Our teachings deeply penetrate the heart, involve purification and returning to Divine Love. Today’s powerful teaching comes from our guide Sidi al-Jamal.

Allow the words to soak in and open your heart…

True Love

This is the true meaning of love and divine marriage. It is not as most people think, because true love annihilates both of them. She annihilates herself in him and he annihilates himself in her, but the true annihilation is actually in Allah. This is true love.

Love doesn’t know….

Love does not know anything except light. It does not know age. It has no beginning and no end, no limits, no boundaries. Actually, the more knowing increases, the more love increases.

Love that knows limits is not true love. The True and Real wants your love to become True and Real. This is why Allah made marriage holy, because it is the actualization of the knowledge of Allah, and it helps people to walk towards Allah.

You know, a drop of divine love is enough for you for your whole life.

So what would it be like if you drowned in the ocean of divine love? It is limitless and has no boundaries because Allah has no beginning and no end. This means His love is limitless. See how great it is, how lovely. His beauty has no limits, His mercy has no limits. Everything that gets actualized emerges out of love. This is the true meaning of love that I wanted to explain.

So to make the holy marriage with you. This is the life and there is no life like this life.

No life is after that life, and after this tasting there is no more tasting. This is Reality. Isn’t it the truth? It is real spiritual food; it is not metaphorical. Why don’t you then enter the world of His presence? This is what people need.

In this presence there is security, safety and eternal love.

~Sidi al’ Jamal, “Secret of the Spirit”