How to Use Healing to Find Your True Self

May 10, 2012 | Sufi Healing

Why do you need healing if you were created with a perfect essence?

We have lost the sense of who we really are as God created us. We have forgotten because our essense or fitra became covered over through the course of life. For the Sufis the fitra is hidden behind many (70,000) veils or blocks. These veils have developed as a result of our early experiences, our “misconceptions from childhood” as our guide, Sidi al- Jamal calls them.

For example, a colicky baby is left to cry in her crib until she finally falls asleep. This experience causes emotional pain on top of the physical pain in her belly, and she is left with a belief that “no one will come to help when I am in pain” or something like that. The emotional pain and the belief form veils over her heart, so that in time she becomes reluctant to trust others, to get close to them or to let them support her. She thinks she has to do everything on her own, and she has difficulty forming intimate relationships. Her heart is veiled by the early experiences and the belief that formed as a result.

How to Use Sufi Healing to Remove the Blocks or Veils

In a Sufi Prophetic Healing through prayers, invocations, recitations of holy qualities and healing verses, the veils can be removed. Upon invoking Allah, angels and divine lights are sent to help. As the light enters a person’s heart, it flows to the places that hold the veils. The light “flushes out” the veils step by step. Sometimes this happens all in one session; other times it takes more than one session to remove a veil completely. As the veils “dissolve” or disappear, the person is transformed. She begins to feel very different. She sees everything in her life differently. More peace, more mercy, and more love enter her heart, and she is able to bring these qualities into her life.

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