How to Become Authentic through God’s Secret Love

May 7, 2012 | Sufism

Allah created the human being out of love and that out of one’s soul and the human being was meant to live together without separation, without discrimination, recognizing the essential essence and beauty that every human being carries. The heart is an infinite creation of beauty and contains many, many realities. The problem is that we’re typically not aware of these realities because our heart’s attention has been captured by the material world. Think about a new born baby. You can see “fitra” (the natural essence of the child) and you feel it with your heart – it’s overflowing with divine love! However, as the child grows — and this is story of humanity- our heart begins to receive other impressions. We go through difficulties. We don’t receive all of the love we want when we want it and the way we want it. We have disappointments. We have traumas. We have difficult and challenging situations. We come into situations where we feel overwhelmed or we feel abandoned, betrayed. Anger can build up, loss of confidence, sense of unworthiness. All of these things begin to cover over this divine treasure, this essential nature that we’ve been given. So instead of having a heart overflowing with love and peace and beauty and goodness, it’s actually covered over. The beauty of Sufism is the journey to – * Restore the heart to its pristine health * Release the heart from constrictions and pain and trauma * Discover the true and essential nature and beauty of who you are! Sufism is a path of unification, of becoming one with God, and it’s a path of doing that through love. The good news you don’t have to become anything different than who you are.

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It’s really just the process of returning to God to become who you are!