What to Do if Your Life Pulls You in Different Directions

May 14, 2012 | Divine Names

Most people go through life like a Gumby Doll, stretched and pulled around by attachments and desires the world greedily drops at our feet.  For example, advertising tells you need this, so you purchase product “x”.  You worry about finances so you do something as a response. When your focus is on the outer world, your safety depends upon stockpiling guns, money, material possessions – your security is in the world!

In this way, you lose your center and there’s no freedom in that. You are being controlled by fear, wants, beliefs and ego (“nafs”). You’re at the mercy of these things.

How can you take control and live from a heart of freedom?

1. Learn to let go, surrender entirely and follow God

When you let go and just follow Allah, which is truly the highest, there’s an incredible freedom that happens inside. Sidi al-Jamal, our Sufi guide, talks about an inner freedom. When you change your witnessing from the material world to witnessing Allah (God, Divine Love, The One), you stop being pulled around.

2. Learn to discipline your mind and heart

If you aren’t controlled by the messages of the world, then you can act and move by the hand of Allah (the hand of Divine love) and face any situation.

The process of turning our focus from the material world to one that is following the guidance of Allah (the Divine) is a journey. When you say “yes” to the Higher guidance our life becomes less rigid.  There is a “flowing” to life that allows you to move through things as needed with the response or action that fits the situation rather than the same old belief system or habit.

When you learn these steps, you experience tremendous freedom!

Here’s a quick formula that is easy to remember:

Surrender + Seeking God = Freedom

What is happening in your life right now where you feel like Gumby, being pulled in a million directions? Try following the two-step process above to gain clarity and freedom.

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