Your Spiritual Map for 2012

Jan 3, 2012 | Sufism

There’s an old saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

There is some powerful wisdom in those simple words!

“I need to lose weight.”
“This year I’m going to finally write that book.”
“I going to get a new job this year.”

Why do so many people stay stuck setting the same goals over and over only to fall short or make little progress?

One reason you can stay stuck is when you base your goals off of your needs and wants without consulting God first.

Creating Your Spiritual Map in 2012:

A good place to start is to clarify from what place you are creating your goal or intention. The “map” for our goals can originate from our personality/ego/nafs, from darkness, or from Higher Divine wisdom. If the map used isn’t “right” (or pure) your journey will likely have less desirable inner or outer outcomes. We may achieve our goal but inner peace is lacking, for example.

This is not to suggest we have to do it perfectly, because we won’t. Mistakes are part of the Master plan. The key is to create the “map” and goal from spiritual principles, truth, and knowledge, to the best of our ability,  and move from this place which is very different from setting out to accomplish a goal because we think we want it or need it.

When we are in need or “stuck,” it’s very easy to assume that we have the “right” goal.

However, if we want to move with spiritual principles, the place to start is seeking Divine help and to set the “map” from this guidance.