2017: Getting to the Heart of Cancer

Aug 23, 2017 | Announcements

Join Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD,

for an exploration into the spiritual underpinnings of cancer and chronic illness, and keys for healing the body, heart and soul

in this FREE Educational Video Series

It’s time to change the conversation around CANCER…

If you or a loved one has ever been given the diagnosis of cancer, you may know it’s hard not to receive it as a death sentence. Our culture is laden with beliefs, stories and emotions that accompany the simple word, “Cancer.”

In any case, it’s definitely a game changer for all involved.

However, within the unprecedented challenges that accompany the disease, you can discover an extraordinary opportunity for love, healing, and transformation.

Please join Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD, as he interviews patients, physicians, spiritual healers, and family members who have consciously traveled his journey of love in the face of cancer, in a grand search for understanding, authenticity, and healing.


In this interview series, you will discover…

  • The roles of emotional and spiritual healing in realizing transformation along the journey with cancer and other chronic illness.
  •  Insights uncovered in the search to clarify what is necessary for complete healing.
  •  Revelations from patients about significant hurdles and turning points in their healing journeys.
  •  The deep wisdom and importance of the grieving process at various stages throughout the journey.
  •  Prophetic Medicine therapies, including plant medicine, wet cupping and naturopathy.
  •  Principles and skills needed to develop proficiency as a spiritual healing practitioner.


Episode #1- The Healing Journey of Cancer: How Cancer Has Touched Us

Learn from two Sufi University faculty members the impact cancer has had on their personal lives.

Learn how the healing of cancer brought about extraordinary transformation for an entire Laird family.

Discover profound understandings of cancer from spiritual perspectives. Learn ancient practices that are fundamental to Sufi Spiritual Healing. 


Episode #2- Healing Cancer: Insights from Sufi Healers

Learn as Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D, D.D., describes his search to clarify what’s necessary for healing.

Differentiate between the understandings of the ego self and the issues held at the soul level.

Learn about emotional and spiritual toxicities found in working with cancer patients.

Learn about Lights and Realities that stream from highest levels of Divinity into creation and play a major role in expression and healing to the soul.


Episode #3- More Insights from Sufi Healers

Explore actual patient case studies to glean understanding of what facilitated the healing.

Learn about the world of the soul to find hidden issues for healing – a collaboration between client and healing practitioner.

Learn what is needed to heal responsibly in a way that can be repeated for cancer patients.

Learn a special healing prayer and the many healing dimensions within it.


Episode #4- The Patient’s Perspective

Listen in to two deeply personal and poignant interviews that look directly into some of the many challenges in the healing journey that is cancer.

Learn from a medical doctor about the role the soul healing work played in his wife’s journey with cancer and in her transition.

Learn from a patient of multiple cancers how her increasing faith kept her on the positive healing track.

Witness how spiritual healing can be used in combination with allopathic medicine to bring about profound transformation.


Episode #5- The Healing Power of Sacred Sound

In this 2-part episode, we explore the unique healing properties embedded in recitation of the Sacred language of Arabic and in the Qur’an.

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe speaks further about how to use the Holy Names of God for soul-level healing and transformation.

Learn healing prayers that can be used specifically for healing cancer.

Receive supplemental handouts and audio recordings that you can use right away in your healing process.



Episode #6- Facing Grief and Loss in the Healing Journey of Cancer

Learn from Francis Weller, MFT, as he shares deep wisdom about the importance of grief work done skillfully and with compassion.

Explore the many facets of grief experienced along the healing journey for the patient and loved ones.

Learn how holding grief as a deeply personal and private experience may be limiting your capacity for healing.

Discover how to make choices for healthy grieving that deepens the healing experience for all involved. 


Episode #7- More Therapies from the Prophetic Medicine Tradition

Discover traditional Prophetic Medicine therapies, including plant medicine and hijama (wet cupping).

Learn about naturopathy and nutritional approaches specifically for cancer patients and for cancer prevention.

Learn about special healing retreats available for cancer patients.

Learn how natural approaches work in conjunction with allopathic treatments.


Episode #8- Developing Healthcare Practitioners as Spiritual Healers

Hear from faculty of University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, including a medical doctor, a psychologist and registered nurse, about how to maintain or restore your passion to help individuals heal.

Learn how to determine when true healing is happening, regardless of whether the patient survives.

Identify essential principles and skills underlying the training of Sufi spiritual healers.

Discover special skills that health care professionals can incorporate into their practices to incorporate soul-level healing into their work with patients and their families. 


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Meet your panel of experts…

Your panel consists of physicians, master healers, spiritual teachers and cancer patients and their families:

Mark Yusuf Bricca, N.D., LAc

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

Salima Adelstein, M.Ed., D.D.

Francis Weller, MFT

Hasna Peggy Adeboi, Ph.D, M.Div

Rahima Kamela Laird

Nura Laird, M.Ed.

Lee Chan

Mohamed Moosa

Mark L. Hoch, MD, DABIHM

Mohamed Moosa

Amany Shalaby, Ph.D.

Sahra Laird Barclay

Rahima Susan Schmall, Ph.D., RN


Meet your host, Dr. John Wadude Laird, MD.

A few years ago, Dr. Laird’s wife Nura was diagnosed with cancer.  In response, their family came together in an amazing way to help her heal.Integrating a variety of allopathic and alternative treatments, they employed spiritual healing practices as a family unit to bring about complete healing on many levels for Nura and the entire family.

“Before the cancer, our family loved each other.  After the cancer, we cherish each other.”

Dr. Laird is a holistic medical doctor who has been on the forefront of the holistic medicine movement for forty years.  He and Nura have been spiritual healing practitioners and teachers for over 30 years.  They are passionate about helping people to realize true transformation along the healing journey.

Dr. Laird is a co-founder of both the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism and the Shafiyy Institute. His personal spiritual practice for forty years has been in classical Sufism, a tradition based on deep and subtle understandings of the human heart. He has provided personal healing sessions to hundreds of people with a wide variety of physical, emotional and spiritual concerns, and taught these approaches to several thousand people, including many health professionals in the past twenty years.

“As I’ve attended and presented at conferences around the country I have been struck by the fact that very, very few people are talking about love or the heart, as if compassion and caring come only from the mind and have nothing to do with the heart.  I believe now is the time to discuss the importance of love and to explore the subtle worlds of the heart and their role in achieving real healing.”


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