Learning to Heal from….Cats?

Sep 11, 2017 | Sidi Our Spiritual Guide


Do you know why a cat purrs? The common assumption is they purr when they are content, which is true. However, there is much more to it:

Purring is also believed to be used by the cat for healing. Purrs vibrate at 25-150HZ which is also the frequency that assists in physical healing and bone mending. It may also be that purring during resting is a form of physical therapy to keep the cat’s bones strong since the frequency range of 25-150HZ increases bone density. So even as a cat is napping or resting, he might be keeping his bones strong and healthy.” (from Cat Behavior Associates)

Humans have a similar relationship with sound and comfort and healing. Our preference for harmonies, for example, is shown to correspond with stimulation of certain nerve fibers and “perceiving both parts of the harmonious whole.”

Many traditions have known this instinctively, and have integrated sound healing into their practice for centuries. In Sufism, the Fatiha (the Opening), is one of numerous examples from the Qur’an where sound vibrations work alongside the words themselves to bring healing. As Sidi said in Gift of Healing:

As we know, sound is vibration which arrives at the ear, transfers to signals in the brain, and affects the cells vibration. When a patient listens to the Qur’an, its vibration positively affects the vibration of his cells which adjust them to their normal rate with which Allah created them. This is because the Qur’an is distinguished with a unique harmonious rhythm that does not exist in any other speech.”


When we recite from the Qur’an, we are literally preparing our bodies for healing. The beauty of the words, and their power to carry in love and reverence, can actually change our physical experience of the world.

In learning to read and recite the Qur’an, you are learning to open a channel of greater healing for yourself, and thus a channel for greater healing in the world-one beautiful word at a time.

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