Going ’round again…

Jul 27, 2017 | Sufism

The Sufi poet, Jalal id-Din Rumi said,

“Don’t grieve.
Anything you lose comes round again in another form.”


The grief today is mine. This is my final week writing to you as host of the newsletter and blog. It has been an honor and pleasure serving the UOS community over the past two years as University Relations Coordinator.

Though no longer directly employed by UOS, this community will always be family, as it has been without fail for the past twenty years.

Beginning August 1st, Rahma Sandra Collinger will be taking over, with the title of Director of Marketing and Admissions.

Rahma is a current student of UOS, about to begin her fourth year. Rahma comes to us with an MBA and a background in marketing. God willing, her gifts, talents and love for the University will guide her to bring the messages of UOS to a broader range of people whose hearts are yearning for the deep love and truths and gifts that can be reached through this doorway.

Please join me in welcoming her and sending prayers for Allah to bless her work and service for Him.

Before I go, I want to share a lesson learned in the past two years:

As the poem above states, “Anything you lose comes round again in another form.” This was my second round of employment with this organization. The first was a 9-year term as Operations Director, from beginning of 2000 through 2008.

Though my tendency is to think, “out of sight, out of mind,” whether alternatively or simultaneously, “absence really does make the heart grow fonder.”

This Round 2 has been even more delightful than the first. With hearts more open and deepened, the love flows ever more powerfully, as does the commitment to live and serve aligned with the highest expression of Allah’s light we can access from human form.

The experience has been the same over the years with my biological family. Initially, following the spiritual path distanced me from my parents and siblings. This felt necessary for the first part of the healing journey, as I carried so many hurts and wounds, along with judgments and blame.

After traveling the path of healing the wounds and cleansing the heart, each time I returned to visit family, the love was deepened. Before long, every family member had transformed as well. We are now closer than ever before, relating authentically and deeply as I had never imagined possible. Al-humduli’llah! Praise be to The One!

On the other hand, as I followed the calling toward spirituality, I left behind an old boyfriend with whom I have not reconnected. At the time as I stepped foot on the path, he felt me moving away. His Texas love song to me was, “She’s going to heaven, but she’s putting me through hell.”

That one has not come round again, and I trust Allah’s wisdom.

When Spirit calls, we are often faced with difficult choices. As we say yes to the call, our attachments are released and trust deepens. Dependencies are turned away from the material world and toward Allah. The true gifts of love Allah gives for our hearts remain or return in a more purified and fulfilling form.

If your journey brings distance between you and your loved ones, may it all come round again with more clarity, openness, depth and love, if Allah wills. And Allah knows best.

May Allah bless us all and keep us safe and bowed in service to His Light.

As-salaamu alaykum – May God’s peace and blessings be upon you.

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS


Photo credits: Adobe Stock Photo © Romolo Tavani #108197785