Tips on Using Sufi Teachings to Navigate the Day-to-Day

Jul 21, 2016 | Sufism

With so many troubling events occurring in the world, it’s hard to write about love. However, this is the time when we need more than anything to connect with love – with a divine All-Knowing All-Encompassing Unconditional Love.

Praise be to the One, this Love is always with us and in us. We access it through our own hearts, through our sincerity and through our yearning to know the Real.

This deep yearning is in each of us. It’s accessible at all times, and it calls to us over and over again to pay attention to it and answer its plea.

That pain and discomfort we feel when we see our brothers and sisters in conflict fighting and hurting each other, when we witness the divisive rhetoric that is penetrating the media channels, and when we ourselves fear another because of their race, religion, country or sexual orientation without a desire to know their hearts – these are all ways that the yearning from within is calling us to return to love.

I thought this would be a good time to share a short video created by our UOS Faculty member, Hamid Paul Werder. Click below to listen to Hamid’s story and learn how using the Sufi teachings helped him to navigate his day to day life and realize personal healing.

If you’d like more information about the teachings taught in our programs, or if you’d like to know how you can use the Sufi teachings to help your clients find healing and peace in their lives, click here to schedule a time to talk with an enrollment specialist. They can help you determine if we have a program that can help you on your next step.

I pray you find this helpful for whatever is happening in your life today.

With love and gratitude,

Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS