Step Two: Being an Effective Healer

Dec 7, 2010 | Sufism

Step Two:  Put your reliance entirely in Allah.  In 2009, Sidi Muhammad described how to trust Allah completely so that we can be the instrument of His healing:

(When you want to heal someone) know that when you put out your hand and say, “Allah,” you are receiving His provision. It is He who becomes the healer, not you. You heal by the name of Allah.

Do not claim to be the healer. You cannot even heal yourself. You cannot even heal an ant without Him. You must depend upon Allah, put your trust in Him and talks to Him―but do not claim to be a healer.

You have to return everything back to its source. Depend upon on Him, rely upon Him, put your trust in Him. In this way, He will be with you and He will open the door for you. Through His provision and the causes He gives you, your hand will be able to truly heal in the name of Allah.[1]

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