Spiritual Goal Setting: Part 1 of 3

Jan 10, 2011 | Sufism

What does spiritual goal setting look like to you? “The way I see spiritual goal setting is that it has to do with the center that your life navigates around. Does your life navigate or have God as the center pole or is it the world? In my case, I love the world; I care deeply about the world. It’s important to me that I’m successful and I that do well in the world. But essentially, the world is no longer the center of my universe. It was 15-20 years ago before I became a Sufi. But now, as a student of Sufism, I’ve really switched, and hopefully, and by my intention, God is the center of my life. What that looks like to me is that I pray to God and I bow to God. I ask God for guidance, for permission, and for protection. I devote a good 30 to 60 minutes every day in prayer and deepening that alignment with God. And one of the things I love about our University is we give very practical one-two-three steps for ways to cultivate and deepen that relationship with the most High. As that reality with the divine really anchors in, which for me is first and foremost, then I think it’s actually good and appropriate to look to the world for places to serve, ways to give, ways to earn an income, ways to provide for yourself and your family, and hopefully, to find something that you’re passionate about, that is stimulating and exciting for you, and then you can enjoy your time when you’re in the world, doing what you do.” Interested in spiritual goal setting? Look for part 2 and part 3 of Spiritual Goal Setting with UOS faculty Jeff Rahim Bronner. Register for the teleclass “Set Your Spiritual Direction for 2011” on January 18.