Freedom to Express Divine Truth and Knowledge

Jul 11, 2011 | Sufism

We’re all connected like a tapestry. Each thread is absolutely perfect in its perfection. It has perfect qualities, its perfect place, its perfect understanding and it has its perfect expression within the greater tapestry.

You want to find your own thread of the tapestry so that you live in a way that is fulfilling for you. You want to have a sense of empowerment. You want to have a sense of purpose. You want to carry the deep love. You want creativity and consciousness to be fully open and your experience of life rich. That’s a very, very complete and purposeful way of living.

To reach every single thing that’s possible for you, there has to be a unifying force that brings all of it together. In other words, what’s the unifying backdrop that puts it all together and makes a tapestry, the beauty that it is? Well, the unifying force that brings it all together are the souls that live within the divine tapestry itself. The souls are the master thread. Behind it all is the Master pattern, the very backdrop itself which holds all of it together. It carries the master pattern for everything.

That master patterning is the divine spark or spirit within all of us. Each of us, even though we are individualized, are different in the outer. In the inner, we are brothers and sisters. In fact, not only brothers and sisters in the inner, we are actually the same. We are one.

Each of us carry within us exactly the divinity of this divine spark and it is the one spark within all of us. The divinity created this existence; we are all parts of this existence. Our job is to actually reach, become and live that full pattern that is within ourselves.

When we do that, we become happy. When you live the divine truth within you, you become happy. When you live your sole purpose within you, you’re on target, everything begins to work. The happiness – the deepest happiness comes from following the divinity within all of us.

Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD.