Four Steps to Giving with Real Meaning

Dec 7, 2011 | Sufism

Giving is an opportunity to purify yourself and to open up a deeper understanding of how your heart wants to share and make a difference in someone else’s life. When we give in this way, it comes back

to us and we feel we are in service.

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) prayed, “Increase me in knowledge.” When our divine knowledge increases, we can become closer to God. This holiday season, try not to get caught in the commercialism at department stores, ads, Christmas lists and requests from family members and everything else that may divert you from pure giving. The act of giving allows your heart to receive the blessings Allah bestows upon you when you give. Sidi al Jamal says, “He gives if you give. If you give God everything, he will also give you everything. Give to take. If you do not give, how can you take?”

Here are four simple steps to give a gift with real meaning:

1. Sit in your heart with the loved one you want to give to and feel their spirit and the appreciation you have for them in your life.

2. Ask Allah to help you see, feel, or know what would feed and open their heart.

3. Feel the guidance and notice what comes. Watch your own heart’s reaction to the guidance.

For example: I saw a fragrance of spiritual oil and when I imagined myself giving it to the person, I saw their heart smile.

4. Be open to non-traditional gifts such as offering a class to someone, donating to a charity in their name, spending time with them by phone, Skype or in person.

Here is another example: Set up weekly email love or gratitude notes so each week they receive a statement of how you care about them by email, Facebook, etc. and the gift lasts all year.

As you give from the heart, let your heart open even more and receive what God, the All Generous, gives back to you! ~Inspired by an interview with Salima Adelstein, Dean of Education What will you be giving this year?