Ego Giving vs. Heart Giving

Nov 30, 2011 | Divine Names

This is a time of year when giving is a major focus in the U.S. culture. In many cases giving has been commercialized. We may feel many expectations from family and other communities we belong to. When we give from ourselves or our ego, we can get depleted, stressed, burned out, or perhaps even taken advantage of.

How do you give from your heart and not your ego?

God is the Giver.

One of the divine qualities is Al-Karim, the Generous. Sidi al-Jamal writes, “He is the One Who is overflowing with goodness, the Giver Who does not cease to give. He is the Generous, the Absolutely Generous, the Gatherer of all goodness, nobility, and exalted qualities. So turn to Him with all your senses in taking care of your needs.”

When we give to another from being connected to the Source of Giving, God the Most Generous, we are actually giving from God to another.

Let God Flow Through You.

When our heart is connected to this divine abundance and generosity, we realize that God’s generosity is in ALL things, flowing THROUGH all things. There are many meaningful ways to give that don’t include money. Something as simple as a kind word or a smile, when done from this divine connection, can be extremely meaningful to the person receiving. And the divine cycle is such that when we give in this way, we also receive because the divine quality of Karim is infinite and without limits.

A Prayer for Giving

“O God, O Generous One, please help our hearts to open to your abundance and generosity in all things. Help us to give and live from this holy connection so that through all that we do is overflowing with the beauty and miracles of your generosity.”

Many years ago a Sufi mystic said, “If you want to be generous, it is good to be rich.” We interpret this to mean that when we give from an overflowing heart, we are rich. This means that the giving comes from the heart and not the ego. Our heart is the source of connection to God who is the source of abundance and generosity. Your connection to God is the key to having a heart that overflows.

What is your biggest challenge around giving.  Post your comments and connect with others below.