10 Tips on How to Reflect on Your Life

Dec 29, 2012 | Sufism


It’s that time of year for most people across the world.

And while Sufis are taught to be in regular reflection and seeking God’s truth in our lives, we are coming to the end of a year and starting a new one in just a few days. It’s contagious.

But are we focused on what’s most important?

Here are 10 Tips to reflecting with an open heart:

1. Be in Remembrance, prayer and meditation – seeking God and asking Him to reveal the truth.

2. Don’t worry yourself with what you didn’t accomplish in the last 12 months. You have a life ahead of you, and if it’s you’re highest purpose, God can manifest through you.

3. Know what’s important – cleaning your heart so you can see the truth, growing closer to God, deepening your relationship to loved ones, learning how to forgive others (and yourself), finding God’s will for you and stepping in to it.

4. Experience Divine healing from worry, doubt, angst, procrastination, hurt, loneliness, physical, emotional and spiritual ailments that are keeping you from God’s gifts of peace, love and joy.

5. Things are merely things. They aren’t milestones. They are meaningless and are not a reflection of where you’re been or where you’re going – unless you make it so.

6. Come to know and understand God’s true, highest Divine purpose for your life. It will be the secret to living in full abundance.

7. You don’t have to run from the pain. Pain is our teacher. It’s our indicator that something needs to change. That’s all.

8. Ask yourself – does my work bring me joy? Am I enthused and overjoyed about my contribution to the world? If not, know that it’s possible.

9. Note areas of anger and resentment. How long have you carried this in your heart? How much longer do you want to carry it in your body, heart and soul? What purpose is it serving in your life? Is it bringing you joy or hurt?

10. As you set goals for the New Year, think about how you want to feel and who you want to be. Make your life reflect these spiritual gifts and you can live your destiny.