Who are you really?

Apr 25, 2012 | Sufi Healing

This is the question that many people wrestle with for much of their life.

Through Sufi Prophetic Healing we come to experience our true essence and our soul’s purpose.  This essence or “fitra” is our original nature, and it contains only purity, goodness, and worshipfulness. Infants are pure reflections of the fitra. That is why we are drawn to be near them and to hold them. Our hearts long for their clear expression of the original nature or “fitra”.

The Pre-Eminence of Love
To explain the reason for creating all the worlds, Allah said, “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known.” This means that Allah created us from an act of love, and Allah placed the knowledge of divine love in our hearts. Love is part of our essential nature. Love is also our goal. Allah asks us to bring love to all beings and things in creation.


Our Spiritual Consciousness and the Heart
The heart is the focus of Sufi Prophetic Healing. Not the heart organ, but the spiritual heart that occupies the whole upper chest region. Why is this the focus? Because Allah created the human heart to contain the spiritual consciousness of the being.

Science has now documented this quality of the heart. In addition, Allah placed inside this heart the knowledge of love and unity way before we were born. Deep inside the heart is a yearning for this love and unity. The heart was made for love. And it is divine love that heals.

Yet, the heart also stores the memories which the Sufis call “voices” and “pictures” in the form of veils. To access the divine love inside the heart we must remove the veils.   Sufi spiritual healing is one gentle, loving way to remove the veils.

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