Healing through the Prophetic Light

May 21, 2012 | Sufi Healing

The Sufi way of healing is ancient and derives from the ways of prophets throughout history and throughout all religions. For the Sufis, the prophets are united in one very holy light, the first light that Allah created before even the creation of this world. Each prophet was destined to bring a certain message to a specific people, and to be a living demonstration of what the human can become. Their lives reflect our potential. Ultimately Muhammad was the last prophet. He carried the culmination of all the prophetic teachings of all time, and he was sent to all the worlds, not just to this world or to one people.

A unique aspect of Sufi Prophetic Healing is that the healing energy flows from the light of the prophets. We call this the “prophetic stream.” The Sufi healer aligns with this light and maintains a vessel of this light as a container for the healing. This is why people who receive Sufi Prophetic Healing feel it is very different from anything else they have experienced. They recognize a palpable atmosphere of holiness and refinement. This prophetic stream brings safety, mercy and compassion into the healing session. The prophetic stream is what makes Sufi Prophetic Healing very sacred and unique.

“The journey back to Allah is holy, amazing and humbling. Every healing teaches me so much about my client, myself, and my Lord. I cannot help, but want more.”
~BC, Student Healer

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