What children’s games tell us about traveling the path back to God

Sep 16, 2016 | Divine Names

Little asian girl enjoy playing hide and seek outdoorDid you ever play the game of Hot-Cold when you were young? I’m not sure if that’s the official name of the game, but it’s when one person hides an object or selects something in the room, and the other tries to find it. The one who hid or selected the item gives a hint, then directs the person who is trying to find the object by telling them when they are getting hotter (closer) or colder (farther away). Sometimes I feel like Allah plays this game with us. Allah, praise be to Him, is the Perfect Orchestrator, the Master Facilitator. He gives us everything we need in this journey for the evolution of our souls. Allah uses all of us as mirrors for each other to show each other the expansive and constricting attributes of Allah, such as the Beauty (al-Jamal) and the Severity (al-Jalal), and to help us to know when we are moving closer to love and when we are moving farther away. He sets up an incident in our lives that gets our attention. Then we get to choose our reactions and responses to the situation, and Allah tells us when we are getting hotter (closer to love) or colder (farther from love). How do we receive this information? Through the barometer of the heart. When we are getting hotter – closer to love – the heart expands. When we are getting colder – farther from love – the heart constricts. The object of the game, once we realize we’re in a game, is to get so close and so HOT that we burn in the flame of the love and become one with the Lover. The trick of the game is that we sometimes get caught in the incidents that originally get our attention, and we throw darts of blame at the other players. We get caught in a need to rationalize, and we want to be affirmed when we believe we are right and the other is wrong. We find ourselves in the “he said, she said” loop, which keeps us in justification of our pain. This can be a tricky game, but as our guide Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal told us many times, “This world is illusion!” We must understand what is real and take the great leap of faith out of the story and into the heart. If you find yourself or your clients in the “he said, she said” loop, take a deep breath and drop into the heart. What is Allah giving for your heart? Letting go of the story takes great courage. Drop deeper and deeper into the heart, getting warmer, hotter, HOT – and let yourself be consumed by the flame of Allah’s Love until you become one with your Lover! It’s worth the pain of letting go of being right to experience the bliss of Being One! May God’s peace and blessings be upon you. With love and gratitude, Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS P.S. Our teachings offer many tools to help you to make these leaps and transitions in the game of life. We invite you to join us for any of our programs to learn more about these tools and receive support and guidance for your journey to remember divine Truth. Click here to schedule a chat with an Enrollment Specialist.