To What Extent Do We Create Our Own Reality?

Mar 3, 2017 | Divine Names



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Sometimes ideas and inspirations come to us, and we instantly reject them because they seem too far out of reach. There’s no way we could make the time for it, or have the money for it, or it seems too far from our current reality of how life works.

The following is a transcript from a class taught by Dr. Amany Shalaby, one of our faculty members here at UOS. It came from the poetry class, after she shared poetry from Ibn ‘Arabi, who wrote about creating our own reality.

The question was:
“Can you explain the difference between creating our own reality, such as what is held in Law of Attraction, and surrendering to Allah’s will?”

Amany’s response:

There is a hadith where the Prophet (saaws) said to have good expectations of Allah (swta). Have faith that everything beautiful is going to happen. Ask Allah with certainty that He will answer.

We often ask about worldly things when we don’t know if they will make us happy.

You create your own reality by focusing your perception as things come your way, and your connection to Allah. When things come your way, when desiring something, if it doesn’t open, you understand it is Divine will by understanding that He is teaching you something. You do not take the belief that you are not receiving what you want because something is wrong with you.

You take action, yet accept where you are and enjoy the process and outcome because of a deep perception that is not the outer goal that is in pursuit, but the inner.

For example, if you desire to have a beloved or to have a certain job, it is not the end goal you want. The mind makes it appear that way. It is actually the process of the qualities coming to be expressed, such as the qualities of loving. Or you get attracted to people because they are going to teach you the divine qualities, like Patience.

Focus on the inner more, enjoy the process regardless of the external pursuit or outcome, because you are developing the inside which is to be satisfying.

Scientific research shows that people enjoy the process of making things more than the thing that is made through the process. The working for it is the joy. This is why often when we reach a goal, we are still not satisfied and we want something more. Because we are focusing on the external and after we get it, we may desire something else. This is ok because we are developing more qualities through our desires and pursuits.

Without awareness, we are creating a reality that is not Reality, because everything external is perishable or not always attainable. If our pursuit is the internal and spiritual, no matter what happens you are getting what you want – the desire to be the representative of the divine qualities and the awareness that you are with the Divine Presence and the qualities.

There is a subtle difference between creating your inner reality and creating the external reality – there is a subtle difference that is missing.”


The bottom line is, it’s about the journey, not about the destination. In our hearts, we want the awareness that we are with the Divine Presence. And Allah, swta, brings us opportunities to realize this Presence through the qualities that come to us to be expressed.

Our task is to keep showing up and keep saying yes to what Allah brings for us in our lives. And, of course, to say “Thank you!”

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend!

With love and gratitude,
Mastura Graugnard on behalf of all your friends and family at UOS

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