2018: Singing for Allah Workshop

May 18, 2018 | Announcements

“He created the people out of resonant clay – earthenware -”
Quran Surah Rahman : 14

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Are you longing to make a deeper connection with your dhikr of Allah?
Do you feel shy or uncertain about chanting or reciting out loud?
Do you feel yourself drawn to lead others in al wird and other chants and are searching how?

Connect deeply with and through the holy vessel of our body, and our deep spirit, to bring out sacred and healing sound, as our heart longs to do. Bathe in afternoon zawiyyah to quietly deepen in the teachings and the walking.

Part One lays the foundation. Part Two helps the participant deepen, and also apply what s/he has learned to effectively lead others in our “out-loud” practices.

Here is what one student said of the Singing for Allah workshop:

“This class was far more than I expected and exceeded every expectation I could have had. It was such a sacred and healing experience, facilitated in such Divine love. I not only found my voice. I healed so deeply and so profoundly. The most beautiful part, I was able for the first time hear Allah’s voice in me and to experience hearing and allow it to come out…there truly are no words it can only be experienced. Laila is such an amazing guide, healer, and teacher. So comforting and fun! You held such a safe and sacred circle for us all to expand and grow. 
I highly recommend this course to all. Two closing things: one, please don’t let your fear of being seen and heard stop you. I am as shy as it gets. I was so Empowered through this class I am able to speak and be seen with so much more comfort. Two: there are no bad singers when you are singing for Allah. There is no more beautiful sound. Don’t let your thinking you can’t sing hold you back.” -Jamila

 You will be led through:

  • Easy practical tips on making sound

  • Fun and profound body-oriented exercises

  • Deep teachings from Sidi and the Quran as to our true nature

  • Confidence-building practice

  • Immersion in Sidi’s new release Walking the Path of Sufism through afternoon zawiyyah

Part One lays the foundation:

Part Two helps the participant deepen, and also apply what s/he has learned to effectively lead others in our “out-loud” practices:

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Program Information:

Tuition $475 $333 for one  $825 $580 for both with the discount applied

Travel, room and board not included

Location: Farm of Peace, Warfordsburg, PA

Click here for more information on the Farm of Peace, or to book your accommodations contact info@farmofpeace.com


Part One: June 22-24

Part Two: June 25-27

Part One and Two: June 22-27

Laila Brady Walzer, M.Div., loves to help midwife sacred utterance in others.  Her musical experience includes improvisational and body-oriented singing, as well as classical, traditional Irish, and other folk music. She earned her Master’s in Divinity from the USHS and has a B.A. in Music. For the last 17 years a major focus and delight have been Sufi and Quranic sacred chant. She is a Muqaddim Mirrabi-Ruhi in the Shadduli Sufi way under Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.