Why I Love Being a Spiritual Teacher

May 13, 2011 | Academic Programs

Jeff Rahim Bronner UOS Faculty I love helping people realize they can be teachers for God, to get that spark in their eye and heart that says they can help people walk the path back to the One. I also love helping people find their blocks or blind spots, confront them, and then, God willing, walk through them and become deeper, richer, stronger because of it. We have so many beautiful people in our Tariqqa that would like to be out leading zhikrs, giving teachings, helping people to know Allah in a personal and intimate way. This Teacher Training Program is designed to help each one of you become a Teacher for God. It’s not an easy thing, leading people back to God. There are many veils, many false beliefs, many things that people will argue about. What’s beautiful, though, is to realize that you’re not alone; there is a tremendous support on both the inner and the outer, drawing on the richness of our Sufi tradition, from ibn Mashish, to Shadilliyyi, to the line of teachers and Prophets and messengers who have all walked people in this beautiful tradition. My goal, as a teacher of the Teacher Training Program, is to help each student realize they have the beauty and the courage inside to become a true teacher for God. It has been a life-transforming process for me, first being a student of TIP, when I was scared and vulnerable and unsure, to then facing some of my fears and walking through them, to now having a career and a mission as a teacher and slave for Allah. Many of my greatest moments have come leading a group. It’s rich, juicy, and exciting, to watch people change in front of your eyes. It’s also not easy, and I have been so grateful to have teachers like Ibrahim and Salima who I can talk to, draw support from, and then take my next step forward. Our prayer is that you have a similar kind of experience. Want to learn more about how to become a Sufi spiritual teacher? Call Mary Halima at 954.923.7460 Read about the Teacher Training Program. Click here to enroll in the Teacher Training Program.