The Beauty and Joy of Being a Spiritual Teacher

May 17, 2011 | Academic Programs

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD
President of UOS

Allah is asking that His message of peace, love, guidance, clarity, and goodness be brought down into the world.   Allah wants people to realize these qualities within themselves and then teach others to manifest  these divine qualities within their beings.

In the West, the light of Sufism and the teachings leading to Haqiqa or divine truth are relatively unknown.  It is time for the teachings of Haqiqa and how to reach this divine truth to be brought to this country.  For those ready for the real Islam and Sufism, the time is for that as well.  The doors at this time are open for those who are ready for these teachings.

A Sufi teacher is remarkable human being who has direct connection to this beautiful truth, the pure white light, this beautiful love, and inclusive beingness.  A Sufi teacher is able to share this in a way that helps other people work through all their difficulties, let go of suffering so they can enter into a world of oneness, beauty, health, success and have a truly valuable,  spiritual life.  A Sufi teacher has these abilities to connect to the truth and a clarity from their divine connection.  Sufi teachers are able to help,  support and guide others to have healthy, happy, holy, spiritual lives in everything that they do.

The Teacher Training Program gives people the foundational understandings of these teachings as well as the ability to know the Sufi message of love and to know how to deliver this message to others in an effective way.

Teacher Training Program begins May 24.

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