The Crown Jewel of UOS: The Year 4 MA Program

Mar 16, 2015 | Academic Programs

By Rahima Schmall

The Year four Spiritual Healing and Counseling class recently facilitated a Healing Intensive Retreat as a final step in their graduation process, and it was truly inspirational. Ten participants with a variety of physical and emotional issues came to the SSC for five days, and they left with deep inner changes and stronger connections to Allah.

The Client transformation

“The healing intensive was a watershed experience for me,” said TK, who wishes to remain anonymous. “I have been living with an autoimmune disorder for over a year, slowly tapering off the steroid medication and experiencing insomnia. The specific healing sessions were both moving and calming — very powerful.

At the end of the healing intensive, my sleep pattern improved, and it continued to improve after I came home. I saw my acupuncturist the day after the intensive and she noted improvements to my pulse and tongue. I continue to feel more relaxed and to have more energy than before.”

KE’s experience affected her differently. “Here are specifics about the change: the colors of my thoughts have simply changed. I do not feel I did anything to achieve this — I just came away from the retreat with this being true. The thoughts are utterly different. They do not overpower me; they do not start me down the terrible slope to despair; I feel hopeful and that there are possibilities in my life”

The 4th Year Program

Would you like to be a part of creating transformation on this level? The Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Physical and Emotional Health Master’s program is designed to train high-quality professionals to heal through the light of God, transform spiritual illness and emotional distress, and guide people into their hearts and back to God, the source of health and wholeness.

The student healers do all the marketing, teaching and healing for these intensives, and the experience is really the culmination of their experience at UOS. The healers at this retreat left with certainty about their own skills as healers and certainty about the power of healing through Allah.

“My fourth year at UOS brought some amazing changes in my life,” said SM. “It took me from a place of wondering why I wasn’t doing much healing work, which is my passion, to a healing practice with a steady flow of clients. I’m stepping forward in a way that feels good because it’s coming from a foundation of trusting Allah, swta.

If you’re looking to take what you’ve learned so far at UOS to another level, this is where I’ve seen that happen. We can heal others only to the extent we have walked and healed ourselves, so the training has a dual focus. The first is to deepen your walking and closeness to Allah. The second is to be able to face and contain even the most challenging states presented to you, transforming them, through Allah’s grace.

And this program is not just for students who want to create a healing business. It is also for those who want to deepen their own healing or want to integrate knowledge of Prophetic Medicine into what they are already doing in the world.

In order to give you the depth and breadth of training you deserve, there are a number of faculty assist in this Master’s program: Rahima Schmall, Mariam Muhibba McGinnis, Amina Stader-Chan and Ibrahim Jaffe.

The new Year four class, now called Spiritual Healing and Counseling for Emotional and Physical Health, will start in fall, 2015.

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