Congratulations to our Graduates!

Mar 6, 2015 | Academic Programs

On Friday March 6th, a beautiful blue day here at the land, the University of Sufism

held our graduation ceremony, granting Year Four graduates Masters Degrees in Peacemaking, Healing and Counseling, and Ministry.

USGS Graduation 2015

Ministry graduate Nura Carolyn Ducca served as our elegant and heartfelt Master of Ceremonies. Our co-President Maxine Salima Adelstein, and many additional faculty gave moving testimonies to the commitment, spiritual growth, and powerful work of the graduating class. However, perhaps most powerful were the testimonies from the students themselves as they stood up and shared the impact of their education at UOS and their walking within the program. We heard of their inner growth and transformation, the shifts in their relationships with those closest to them, and about the way the light they received from Sidi’s teachings is flowing into the world. Our students are opening businesses that also provide community education, building healing practices, teaching workshops, writing spiritual music and plays, conducting sufi mediations, and exploring sacred ecology through imprinting sacred etchings onto glass water vessels.  
We also would like to thank all the beloveds who have generously donated to UOS this year. The light that our graduates are bringing into their communities is possible only because of your support. Congratulations to the graduating class of Spring 2015! May Sidi’s love and guidance be with each and every one of you. With love, The Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff of the University of Sufism