Why are there so many religions?

Mar 1, 2012 | Sufism

Sidi begins, “bismillahi-r-rahmani-r-rahim.  (In the name of God, most merciful and compassionate).

Each one adds to the next.  Then the next step is to make it known to everyone.  The people who know the truth are small in number.  A part of the truth came through each of the different prophets.  It comes and comes until the end.  This is why Muhammad was ordered to recognize all the other prophets, in order to complete the truth.

The followers of Muhammad are not just the followers of Muhammad, but they are the followers of all the prophets.  So to arrive at the complete truth you need to follow a way that includes all the others.

The Way of Surrender

The end is Islam which is the perfection of everything that came before it.  Everything is in the way of the surrender.  Every child born is in surrender.  (al-islam)

The Way of Prayer

The prayer in the religion of Islam also comes from many religions.

The standing is from Abraham.

The standing and bending is from Moses.

The kneeling is from Jesus.

The bowing and prostrating is from Muhammad and al-Mahdi brings the peace to the east and west.  Therefore Islam includes the prayers of all the religions.

It did not come from Muhammad but passed through all the prophets to him.  The religion of God is Islam meaning tasslim, the surrender.  It also means to give God your self so that God can give you Himself.

What does this expanded teaching on prayer open or inspire in you?  Please share your thoughts below.